Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch

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Hiroki Kamikura is a main character of this story that’s a student of Nadeshiko University and serves as an adviser for Art Department in Nadeshiko High School. Once promised to become a future Artist, Hiroki completely stopped painting for a certain reason while he was in high school. Now, he turns his effort in studying everyday, striving to become a teacher. As such days continued, Elis Hosen, Hiroki’s cousin, whom he cherished like his own baby sister arrives to his place from their hometown, Hokkaido. She was invited to Nadeshiko High School as a scholarship student who’s been recognized for her outstanding painting talents. Losing her parents in the accident during her childhood caused her to close her mind to the others. Hiroki freed her mind through the art of painting and also guided her to the path as an artist. Even suffering from a handicap of not being able to paint with red color which reminded her of blood, she faces the art of painting with a straightforward feeling. She deeply worries for Hiroki who gave her the chance of loving the painting but who has decided to quit the painting himself. She hopes that Hiroki will be able to once again paint if possible, but doesn’t know the whole story of why Hiroki has given up painting and has no means of helping him.

One day, as chance would have it, Kiri Kikyo, a childhood friend of Hiroki, is assigned as a Physical Education Teacher to the Nadeshiko School. Once confessing her love for Hiroki during the High School years, she was turned down by him and since then she estranged herself from him. The accidental reunion occurs between the two, the awkward moments pass between them in the beginning, but they always did get along to begin with. The happy moments like the one they spent in past start to return again between the two of them. And the feelings that couldn’t be fulfilled during the high school years start to flicker again in their hearts. Watching the two of them drawing together, Elis who adored Hiroki like her own brother begins to become aware of her loving feelings for him. The relationship between Kiri and Hiroki becomes more than ever romantic while they participate in the trainee workshop trip. Without being able to control her feelings, Elis makes an effort to communicate her feelings the best way she can. Kiri is a caring elder sister figure and a childhood friend of Hiroki while Elis is a baby sister type, they are two extremely different types of people. Imagine what the outcome of their love affairs will become…