Champion Joe 2

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Joe, one of the top ranked boxers in the world, no longer has the yearning or desire to enter the ring again after killing his previous opponent by landing a wicked left jab to his temple.
His confidence and competitive spirit is restored when he decides to overcome his fear by facing the uncrowned king from Venezuela, Carlos Rivera.
However, the many years of boxing begin to take a toll on Joe as he gradually becomes weaker with each match. Although symptoms of his decline become evident to those around him, Joe is unaware of his conditions until his final match.
Joe’s girlfriend becomes worried that his continued bouts in the ring will further destroy the health of this fighting legend and she tries to persuade him to quit boxing. Being a stubborn and determined man, Joe rejects the notion of retiring even from the love of his life.
Joe has it set in his mind to become the champion of the world and he decides to face the reigning champ, Jose Mendosa in what becomes the fight of the century.