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A heart-warming story of a kitten's daily adventures and its owner family. Chi, a tenderhearted, mischievous newborn crossbreed cat, gets separated from her mother during a stroll. Chi desperately searches for her mother, but the world outside the fence is too vast for a timid kitten and she falls flat motionless. Chi is picked up by an equally kindhearted boy and stays with his family ever since. Every moment of their daily life is filled with something we can all cherish.

In the new series, the Yamadas, who have been secretly keeping Chi in a condominium where pets are not allowed, finally move to a new place where they can avoid this. Life in the new home; they encounter new neighbors, new adventures, etc… It's such an excitement! Chi’s and the Yamadas’ happy and cheerful life have just begun.

© Konami Kanata・Kodansha/TV Tokyo, Chi's Sweet Home 2009 Project

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