Mob Monday Preview: Mob’s Being Used?!

The last couple of episodes took us on a huge roller coaster, but the preview for ep. 6 seems to imply that won’t stop yet!

Wow, episodes 4 and 5 of Mob Psycho 100 II were a real tour of emotions, and episode 5 might have been one of the greatest episodes of Mob, or even just anime so far in 2019 (and maybe in a while!). While the animation and drama seems to be toning down a little bit, the preview for episode 6 seems to raise a few questions about the fact that Mob is supposedly being “used” by his friends? But that doesn’t seem right, so why would Reigen say something like that to him? There doesn’t seem to be any rest for the wicked, or for the goodest boy Mob!

reigen at work

We know that Mob is capable of almost anything when he puts his mind to it, even enduring the harsh tortures of Mogami’s fake world and coming to some realizations about the cruelty of other people around him. But even in the face of that, Mob seems resolved to simply be more kind and forgiving than he even was to begin with in order to combat it, as Mob doesn’t really want conflicts to occur, despite his immense power to end them easily! But could it be true that Mob’s friends are just using him? Why and how? Reigen’s words to Mob seem pretty suspicious, and it seems uncharacteristic of Reigen to say something like that to Mob… So far, we’ve seen that many of the people Mob has befriended have truly learned to care for him as a friend and a person, and none of them ever seem to rely on or abuse Mob’s powers for their own good or benefit. In fact, it seems like the person who has done that is Reigen himself, but even that never seemed really mean spirited…

where to?

However, this season has put a lot of emphasis on the relationship between Mob and Reigen, and Reigen has been continually on the wrong foot about what Mob is thinking, feeling, or willing to do. Although Reigen is a bit of a scoundrel, he’s always been a good influence on Mob and had his best interests in mind (for the most part), but it is undeniable that Reigen is kind of taking advantage of Mob’s abilities and desires to learn to “control” his powers that Reigen promised. While Mob has learned and grown under Reigen, what would he do without him? It might be worth wondering about whether Reigen needs Mob more than Mob needs Reigen. Especially considering what just happened with Mogami, you’d think Reigen would be more considerate of Mob’s feelings too!

y so serious

After the dramatic action of episodes 4 and 5, it seems like episode 6 might be taking things in a different direction, but this isn’t really one we were expecting! Could Reigen be right about Mob’s friends? Or is there something up with Reigen that would make him say something like that about Mob’s precious friends? As we hit the halfway mark of the season, it seems that Mob Psycho 100 II is going to just keep throwing curveballs at us for what we can expect to happen. Mob, your friends aren’t using you… right?

How’d you feel about episode 5? What do you think might happen soon? Let us know in the comments!


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