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Last week's action-packed installment saw Yami take on Marx, Owens and Charlotte, all three of them possessed by elf spirits due to Patry's resurrection spell. Our main boy Asta is still in the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and he's witnessing some of the "reincarnations" himself as members of the Royal Knights are also going elf. And knowing Black Clover, I doubt this ominous turn of events is going to slow down anytime soon, so let's just dive right in to the newest episode!




Yami's Black Magic has clashed with Charlotte's Briar Magic, and after seeing the rubble that lays before her, Charlotte is impressed that Yami, a human, was able to master magic like that. He managed to save the town and his slash even cut through one of her wrist gauntlets, so Charlotte pulls a classic "WE'LL MEET AGAIN, SPIDER-MAN" and retreats for the time being. 




Yami bursts from the rubble and it's clear that some of those stones probably landed on his head. 




Sol and Yami make light conversation (aka Yami yells and Sol argues back), and Yami tells her to go save citizens. Meanwhile, in the prison, we see many have also been possessed by the elves, and Gueldre Poizot, former captain of the Purple Orcas, views this as the perfect time to escape. He quickly runs into Revchi, who you may remember from the first episode. Back then, he was a creepy jerk trying to steal Yuno's grimoire, but he got taken down by Asta. Now he's...well...still creepy. Points for consistency, I guess.




We learn that Gueldre is responsible for Revchi's facial scars and giving him that classic Harvey Dent skin care routine. Gueldre is like "Dude, that was all your fault and everyone hated you," and honestly, knowing what I know about Revchi, I don't doubt it. I hate Revchi and he's been in Black Clover for, like, eight minutes tops.


They throw shade at each other until they bond over a mutual hatred of Asta, who either defeated or aided in the defeat of both. Aww! Remember Asta's speech from a few episodes ago about being able to bring people together? He truly works wonders!




They're soon confronted by an elf-possessed magic user and Gueldre immediately tries to reason with him, but this powerful stranger isn't having it. And so Revchi and Gueldre, the ultimate team that absolutely no one asked for, join forces to take this stranger down. Gueldre uses his invisibility magic to cloak the both of them, and Revchi follows up with a magic-sealing chain creation attack. Due to that quick victory, Revchi asks aloud "Is this my ticket out of obscurity?" and he may as well turn to the camera and beg to be the show's main character.




Gueldre and Revchi, now buds, walk away as the action returns to the Midnight Sun base. Luck and Ben are staring menacingly at their non-elf'd partners. They then embrace and this episode is just full of best friends. But this is a less-than-nice hug and Luck attacks Noelle, who still can't believe that Luck has gone bad. Elf Luck misses and before he can try again, he has his magic stopped by Kirsch's cherry blossom magic. Kirsch tells Noelle that they need to prepare for combat, despite the fact that Luck is a Black Bull and beating up your teammates is usually seen as unsportsmanlike.


Regardless, Luck is now powerful enough to break through both Noelle and Kirsch's magic. And things don't look too much brighter on Asta's side of things, as Raia, who they just beat up, is now fighting fit. Raia casts a dark magic and a light magic attack...




...And Asta is stunned that someone can cast magic of two different attributes at the same time. Mereoleona blocks Raia's spells and tells Asta that THIS is why his dream of uniting everyone is foolish. All the elves want to do is hurt them. And just when it seems like the fight against Raia is hopeless... a possessed Rill bursts through the ceiling to ruin the odds for the good guys some more. Raia refers to Rill as "Lira" and their reunion, like Luck and Ben's, is also not quite heartwarming.




Lira asks about Asta in the same way that every Black Clover hater has:




Raia and Lira team up to take down Asta, Mereoleona and Zora...




....and things get even worse when three more possessed Royal Knights join the fray. But before Asta and Zora come up with a proper retreat plan, Mereoleona throws them out of the room and announces that she's going to kill all of the elves. 




As the episode ends (No Petit Clover this time), we're left wondering two things: 1) Mereoleona is cool. She's been the MVP of this arc. But is she gonna be able to take on five resurrected elves at once? What's her plan? I'm not doubting her, because, as the last few episodes have shown, it's best not to doubt Mereoleona, but I just wanna know what she's got in mind.


And 2) Just how widespread is this resurrected elves thing gonna be? In the last episode, it seemed like about half the main cast was getting possessed, but those numbers appear to be more lopsided with every new episode. And the preview for the next episode doesn't improve the protagonists' chances. The death of Julius, the Wizard King, was huge, but the resurrection of the elves and the damage that they cause might be an even bigger event.


Asta getting thrown aside by Mereoleona is giving me real "Luffy tries his best during Marineford but in the end he's not really ready for this stage of combat yet" vibes. I'll have to see how this arc wraps up to see if the two storylines are truly comparable, but it's nice knowing that there are some forces that Asta just isn't ready to tackle yet. Makes the narrative more intense. 


Anyway, let's see what Y'ALL thought about it!




















What did you think of the latest episode? Let us know in the comments!



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