VIDEO: Combining Mecha and Weird Spirituality Return in New "Aquarion Evol" Trailer

Shoji Kawamori's Strange Getter Robo Homage, 12,000 Years Later

Shoji Kawamori was one of the primary creators of perennially poplar idols and mecha franchise Macross, and he let his particular spiritual point of view be known in environmental agitation piece Earth Girl Arjuna. 2005's Aquarion is somewhere in between, employing a well-designed trio of combining planes, an involving them with prana harvesting angels and such. Now, Aquarion is back, with a new story set 12 centuries after the original.  


Fan favorite Yoko Kanno is back on the theme music, but Kawamori college buddy and frequent collaborator Hiroshi Ohnogi (RIN - Daughters of Mnemosyne ) is being replaced as screen writer by the prolific Mari Okada (Fractale, Gosick).


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