Tokyo Monorail Kicks Off "A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion" Promotion

Feature hits Japanese theaters February 23rd

It's not quite as impressive as the time Mikoto Misaka caused a blackout at the Superbowl, but the Tama Toshi Monorail Line has still managed a nice promotion for A Certain Magical Index anime movie Miracle of Endymion. The monorail service from the south-western part of Tokyo has been decorated with Raildex characters. Voice stars Atsushi Abe and Rina Satou showed up wearing monorail staff uniforms for a launch event at the decorated station, which featured exhibits and exclusive movie posters for sale. 


A stamp rally has been set up around local businesses.









Some bonus promo art


via SGCafe and Akiba Jigoku


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