Japanese Media Watchdog Group Evidently Receives Complaints About "Gintama" Anime

"You Can Hide Your Porn Mags But You Can't Hide Your ***" might not be appropriate for the kids

The Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental media watchdog organization with the aims of maintaining high standards of both accuracy and ethics within the broadcasting industry. For their April monthly report, at 1,448, overall complaints were down by 63 month-over-month and youth-related complaints were at 92, down by 24 month-over-month. However, right below concerns about the coverage of the ruling party's media investigations and coverage of the drone that landed on the PM's roof, complaints about sexual material in youth related shows got flagged, evidently thanks to a little something we like to call Gintama!


Some unnamed trangressor crossed the line with sexual depictions inappropriate for its 6:00 p.m time slot, airing content that sounds a whole lot like April 29th's episode 270 (or Gintama° 5) "You Can Hide Your Porn Mags But You Can't Hide Your ***" including pseudo-intercourse with a doll and S&M play. 


In the episode, things get out of hand when the wise Gintoki "White Demon" Sakata attempts to mentor young swordsman Shinpachi Shimura on how to hide a collection to sketchy Ho Love Ru manga.



via Yaraon


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