This "Dragon Ball Z" Perfect Cell Figure Is Perfectly Sculpted

Let Cell be the next addition to your "Dragon Ball Z" figure collection!

Ever wish you could have Perfect Cell adorning your figure collection? Well now you can, with MegaHouse's Perfect Cell figure, sculpted and painted by PINPOINT.


The figure is up for preorder right now via AmiAmi and is launching late December. You too can add one of the most evil (and awesome-looking) villains to your menagerie of anime figures. Just make sure you don't put him by Androids 17 or 18. You might end up losing them unexpectedly.


Preordering the Perfect Cell figure also nets you a Cell Jr. figure to play about with, who's just as evil and strange as Cell himself. If that sounds like something you're interested in, you can preorder for 7,750 yen via the site. Cell can arrive at your home just in time for the holidays to wreak havoc upon everyone for a special holiday celebration.




[via AmiAmi]


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