Changing Face Of "Shonen Jump" Visualized

With the most recent addition, Spring Weapon No.1 , there have been 660 titles in the Japanese edition of Weekly Shonen Jump

With the most recent addition, Spring Weapon No.1 , there have been 660 titles in the Japanese edition of Weekly Shonen Jump (661 and 662 are debuting next Monday and the following week). The magazine debuted in 1968, but even split among 50 years, that means that there's been a lot of coming and going. However, with the end of Naruto, Bleach, Nisekoi, and Toriko, to say nothing of the 40-year run of KochiKame, the ground at Jump seems particularly unstable recently. (Even Jump creators have been remarking on it.)


Here's what that looks like... 


Jump two-years ago with what's still running highlighted


Starts and stops (minus KochiKame, plus lasest round of Toriko and Love Rush! out, Demon's Plan and Ore Golazo in)


See larger at


My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi's take on the Jump heroes for good measure


Apparently, if you want to read about the same characters in perpetuity, you have to stick with AmeComi and the likes of Superman (78 years), Batman (77 years), the Fantastic Four (55 years) and the X-Men (53 years).


via Ihore and Yaraon

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