Otaku Pick Their Top 10 "Same Face Syndrome" Anime & Manga

Just over 5000 fans weigh on in on which series they think have characters with too-similar faces


In a recent online poll on goo ranking, some 5001 fans voted for which anime and manga series they think suffer the most from "same face syndrome", a phrase that describes the phenomena that occurs when an artist draws their characters' faces so similarly that the only way to distinguish one character from another is by their hair style or clothing. 


The Top 10 Results for the "I Think Everyone's Face Looks Alike!" Same Face Syndrome Anime poll are as follows: 



10.) Sword Art Online (119 votes)



09.) CLANNAD (124 votes)



08.) Love Live! School Idol Project (139 votes)



07.) Attack on Titan (187 votes)



06.) Sazae-san (279 votes)



05.) Touch (378 votes)



04.) Captain Tsubasa (381 votes)



03.) YuruYuri (403 votes)



02.) Mr. Osomatsu (542 votes...c'mon, folks, they're identical sextuplets!)



01.) K-On! (564 votes)


The polling data was collected from January 08 - January 22, 2017, and the final results were announced on February 11, 2017. While it's not terribly surprising to see a large amount of moe shows represented in the Top 10 results, it is interesting that two sports shows (Captain Tsubasa and Touch) also made the cut.


Source: goo ranking via Yaraon!


Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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