Witness Geed's Ultimate Form in New "Ultraman" Theatrical Trailer

Collectible game cards previewed in honor of film release


Ultraman Geed is rolling out the latest trailer for its new film. Clocking in at a minute and a half, the spot for Ultraman Geed the Movie: I'll Connect with the Wish! previews the action to come -- and gives us a look at Geed's ultimate form:



The trailer also features a sample of May J.'s ending theme for the film.


Additionally, it's been announced that limited-edition cards for the Cardass game Ultraman Fusion Fight! From March 10-23, theatergoers can grab a card featuring Geed and Orb:



And starting on March 24, a card will be distributed featuring Geed and Zero Beyond.



Ultraman Geed the Movie hits Japanese cinemas March 10.


>> Watch Ultraman Geed on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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