How Do You Take Your Anime? Discotek Wants Your Vote

Localization company wants your feedback on how to release vintage and long-form series


With more and more titles becoming available for release, companies are looking for money-saving and space-saving ways to get their new releases to you. In the case of Discotek, they're waiting for your vote.


Discotek Media, known for releasing longer classic titles like the Mazinger franchise and Marmalade Boy, are looking to fans to decide whether to continue to release DVD boxes for all titles, or to switch to SDBD for some.


The company cites reasons for switching to standard definition Blu-Ray only as including:


Less discs in the collection, lower price compared to multiple DVD sets, BD discs are more durable then DVDs, consumers prefer BD for future purchases, BD subtitles look nicer than DVD subtitles, title was already released on DVD in the past, easy to store taking up less space.

The change would only affect longer series, as well as classic series or already-released series that don't have an HD master. Movies, OVAs, and short subjects would not be subject to the change, nor would modern series created in HD.


Before they make their decision, though, they're looking to what the fans have to say. The polls will close in six days, so make your voice heard:


>> Vote in Discotek's Poll

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