"Free!-Dive to the Future-" TV Anime Makes a Splash in July of 2018

New key visual and EDM-filled teaser PV published for latest adventures of the Iwatobi Swim Club


The swim boys are headed to college in Free!-Dive to the Future-, the third season of the TV anime adaptation based on the High Speed! light novel series written by Kouji Ohji and illustrated by Futoshi Nishiya, and now a new key visual and EDM-filled teaser PV have been published for the series.



Free!-Dive to the Future- is directed by Eisaku Kawanami and features animation by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The series will broadcast on ABC (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), TOKYO MX1, Aichi TV, and BS11 beginning in July of 2018.



The previous two seasons of the Free! TV anime are available via streaming on Crunchyroll, who describe the story of Free! as follows:


Nanase Haruka loved to be in the water - loved swimming. In elementary school, Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, and Hazuki Nagisa attended the same swimming class together. Time passed, and as Haruka was living an uneventful high school life, he suddenly encountered Rin again. Rin challenged Haruka to a race and showed him how much stronger he had become. Soon enough, Makoto and Nagisa also rejoined the group, and along with a new classmate, Ryugazaki Rei, they established the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club.




Official Free!-Dive to the Future- TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@iwatobi_sw)



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