Celebrate the Works of Go Nagai at October's Dynamic Manga Matsuri

Legendary creator to speak at anniversary event this fall


Go Nagai's 50th anniversary year rolls strong to its close, thanks to the new Dynamic Manga Matsuri event announced by Toei.


The evening event will bring together voice actors, directors, and animators from Nagai's works and derivative series. Together they'll chat about working on the show, as well as the style and history of his animation.


The good news is the event is free. The stressful news: there are only 250 seats, and they'll be chosen by lottery. So fans who want a seat at this once-in-a-lifetime event will need to enter by email before September 30 and then wish really hard.



Scheduled to appear at the event are:


* Koji Igarashi (animation researcher)

* Yutaka Kanamaru (producer, Mazinger Z/Infinity)

* Kazuhiro Ochi, Tetsuya Yanagisawa, Kazuho Hyodo (Robot Girls Z scenario writers)

* Mariko Honda (Z-chan, Robot Girls Z)

* Hina Kino (Z-chan, Robot Girls NEO)

* Ami Hagihara (Gre-chan, Robot Girls NEO)

* Mikako Izawa (Gren-chan, Robot Girls NEO)

* Aki Sairenji (Gro-chan, Robot Girls Z)

* More to be announced


The event will take place October 20, with the deadline for lottery entries set for September 30.


>> Dynamic Manga Matsuri Website

>> Watch Mazinger Edition Z on Crunchyroll

>> Watch Robot Girls Z on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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