Girls Clash in Virtual Reality in CIRCLET PRINCESS TV Anime Teaser

Adaptation based on "fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG" browser game hits Japanese TV in January


A new teaser trailer (below), a new key visual (above), and new cast members have all been revealed for CIRCLET PRINCESS, an upcoming TV anime adaptation based on the "fighting spirit pretty girl battle RPG" browser game by DMM that is set in a world where virtual reality combat games have become a popular high school sport.



The new cast members for CIRCLET PRINCESS include:



Atsumi Tanezaki as Chikage Fujimura.



Natsuki Aikawa as Takane Hibino.



Sachie Hirai as Sarina Sekiguchi.



Yuna Taniguchi as Hiyori Sugiura.



Megumi Tateishi as Kasumi Iida.



Nozomi Chikamura as Akira Tsunemi.



Yuka Maruyama as Arisa Hara.



Aya Fujita as Kristy Yamauchi.



And Harumi Sakurai as Kaoru Yoshimura.



CIRCLET PRINCESS is set in the near future, where augmented reality technology is so pervasive that it has changed the face of society through the "Mixed Reality System", creating a popular new sport called "Circlet Bout". Traditionally played by high school girls, players who are successful in Circlet Bout can garner national media attention. One school, St. Union Academy, was previously known for fielding a powerhouse Circlet Bout team, but the school has recently fallen on hard times. Will Yuka Sasaki, a transfer student from the mountainous Wakayama Prefecture, be able to turn their losing streak around?


CIRCLET PRINCESS is directed by Hideki Tachibana and features animation production by SILVER LINK. The series will broadcast in Japan beginning in January of 2019.




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Official CIRLCET PRINCESS TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@cirpri_anime)



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