Theme Park Attraction Takes You into Upcoming Attack on Titan Events

Universal Studios Japan says their new immersive experience links directly to the second half of season 3


Ever wanted to join the Survey Corps for some Titan-fighting? Universal Studios Japan is making that wish come true.


As part of their "Cool Japan" program, which presents popular Japanese entertainment to a global audience, the park will be launching an immersive Attack on Titan experience. Titled "Wall Maria Rescue Operation," it will tie directly in with the events of the upcoming Season 3, Part 2 coming this April.



The attraction will combine animation with immersive effects on a grand scale—the largest in the history of the show, according to Kodansha's Attack on Titan editor Shintaro Kawakubo. Because USJ can support larger attractions, he says, this has given them the ability to create an experience that makes it feel like you really are in the presence of a Titan.


The attraction will be open during the park's summer season, from May 31 to August 25. Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 kicks off this April.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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