Is the Order a Rabbit? Reveals Festive Kanda Matsuri Goods

Café girls are dressed up for a traditional party


Is the Order a Rabbit? has been making no secret of their planned Kanda Matsuri presence, and a new batch of photos is showing off their latest commemorative art and merch for the occasion.


Kanda Matsuri is held in mid-May, and features a two-day parade of mikoshi (portable shrines) as its focus. It's one of Japan's three biggest festivals. This year, the parade will take place May 11 and 12.



While Is the Order a Rabbit? will have a booth and be making sales at the festival itself, they'll also be selling some of their festival merch in advance. Starting April 27, you can pick up charms and pins of the cast in festival attire:



Other goods will also be available at the festival, including a special collectors' storage box for the show's Birthday Song Series.


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