J-Rock Band The Pillows Celebrates 30 Years with Feature Film Drama

"Ousama ni Nare" stars Amane Okayama and features music and original story by Sawao Yamanaka

Japanese rock band The Pillows, composed of Sawao Yamanaka, Yoshiaki Manabe, and Shinichirou Sato.


Although they are probably best known among anime fans for their musical stylings for the FLCL series, the Japanese rock band known as The Pillows have been touring since 1989, and to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the group is trying their hand at another cinematic medium: dramatic, live-action theatrical film.



The new film, entitled Ousama ni Nare ("Become the King"), features music and an original story by Sawao Yamanaka (guitar and vocals for The Pillows) as well as a script and direction by Shûji Okui. The film stars actor Amane Okayama as Yuusuke, a young man who works in a ramen shop frequented by numerous Japanese rock bands. Yuusuke dreams of being a photographer, and he decides to follow his dreams by becoming a cameraman for live concert events.

Actor Amane Okayama plays the lead role of Yuusuke in the "Ousama ni Nare" live-action film.

Ousama ni Nare also features appearances by numerous musicians, including: TERU and JIRO of GLAY; Atsushi Horie, Hidekazu Hinata, and Shinpei Nakayama of Straightener; Hirotaka Takahashi of THE PREDATORS; Ryosuke Sasaki, Tomoya Tabuchi, Hiroaki Arai, and Hiroyuki Suzuki of THE KEBABS; yoko and Shinya Kusube of Casablanca; Hirata Panda, Beat Ryo, Hoshikawa Don't Let Me Down, Honma Domino, and Chiba O'Reilly of THE BOHEMIANS; Eiichi Miyamoto of syurispeiloff; Ena Fujita; and Asako Miyazaki, Aya Matsuoka, and Misaki Yoshikawa of SHISHAMO.

Ousama ni Nare will hit theaters in Japan in the Fall season of 2019.



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