INTERVIEW: Crunchyroll Hime Talks About What It’s Like to Be in an Anime

We talk with the Crunchyroll mascot about posing for a model figure, her video game debut, and more

Today is the birthday of Crunchyroll mascot, social media manager, and resident fox spirit Crunchyroll Hime! All day today in the offices, she’s been running around and asking people if they know what day it is today. I got lucky enough to find some time in her busy schedule to sit down and hold a little impromptu interview.

Hello, Hime! First off, could you introduce yourself to people who might not know who you are?

Of course! Hi, I’m Crunchyroll Hime!! I’m … Crunchyroll! My favorite thing to do is post about anime on Twitter all day. And GUYS. GUYS IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY.

It is! Are you doing anything special for your birthday today?

YEAH!! I’m doing a whole lotta stuff you can find here and everyone is invited ~ !! There’s a fanart contest, a thingy that will tell you which anime character you share a birthday with, and a whole lot more!!

So exciting!! Well, happy birthday, Hime.

So I wanna ask a little about your experience being on screen! In 2015, you made a brief cameo appearance in Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life: Phantasmagoric Arc to announce that the show was available to stream worldwide. Could you talk about that experience a bit?

It was amazing!! I really respect Wooser and his work ethic, so I was a little star-struck when I got to meet him in person on set!! I don’t have much experience on-screen, and got really tongue-tied and nervous, so they had to do like twenty different takes of my one little line… it was sort of embarrassing, but I still really treasure the experience.

Wow, that’s really inspiring!! Could you talk a little bit about your other anime app–

[Hime got really excited and cut me off at this point]

I WAS IN KEMONO FRIENDS. I’M LIKE… CANONICALLY A FRIEND. A KEMONO FRIEND. In episode 8, they let me stand in the audience of a PPP [the idol unit within the show comprised of five penguin girls] show! I was super excited because 1. I love PPP and 2. I got to be IN ANOTHER ANIME. A REALLY, REALLY GOOD ANIME.

It sounds like these two cameos really mean a lot to you. As a life-long anime fan, how does it feel when you get to… well, be in an anime?

It’s a sensation I can’t really explain! When I get to be on-screen in an anime I feel like… this really tingly feeling in my chest… like there’s A LOT OF ELECTRICITY just running through my body!! Just knowing that I get to be a part of an anime, a part of this really special thing to me, even in a small way… it makes me smile just thinking about it!! [indeed, Hime had a big goofy grin on her face while talking]

So, you have a figure made of you. That’s pretty cool!! What was the creation process like on your side? Did you have to do anything?

I KNOW, ISN’T IT CRAZY?? I’m so grateful to Kotobukiya for immortalizing me in plastic!! Oh right! The process! Okay so, no one tells you this going in, but you have to hold your pose for HOURS while they get the model down perfectly. I think I sneezed like TEN TIMES and made them start from scratch… Thank you for putting up with me, everyone…

Dang… That sounds sort of challenging! I know at the end of last year you had some really cool merchandise come out as a collaboration with the streetwear label Benny Gold–did you have to do anything similar with them?

I HAD TO RIDE ON AN AIRPLANE ON THE OUTSIDE. I’m kidding it was a JOKE. I didn’t have to do anything hard for that merchandise, and it turned out so cool!! It makes me really happy whenever I see people wearing one of the shirts from the collaboration!

We’re almost out of time, but I wanted to ask you about one more thing! It seems like you’ve been dipping your toes in video games lately! You made an appearance in the mobile game Danmachi MEMORIA FREESE. What was that experience like? Do you plan to do any more gaming crossovers in the future?

I’M IN A VIDEO GAME. I’M IN A VIDEO GAME AND I’M IN MULTIPLE ANIME. AAAAAH! I’m so happy!! Okay, so, when I got told that I would become a unit in a mobile game I freaked out a lot!! And then when they told me that it was a tie-in to Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIME OF 2015–I think I just screamed for a few minutes straight. As for plans for the future, I’d really, really love to be in another video game, and I feel like the door is open for me now!

Any last word you want to share with the audience? Any birthday wishes?



Cayla Coats is the Editor-in-Chief of Crunchyroll News. She tweets @ceicocat

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