Viz Media Anime Expo Panel Roundup

New titles and first anime production for Netflix round out this year's announcements

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Viz Media was at Anime Expo to detail its latest announcements related to anime and manga, centered around new releases and the announcement of its first original anime production in Seis Manos, of which more information will be revealed on Sunday at Netflix's own panel. First, the manga acquisitions:


Manga Acquisitions:

  • Blue Flag by Kalto (LGBT manga from Jump +), out Spring 2020
  • Prince Freya by Keiko Ishihara out Winter 2020
  • Love Me, Love Me Not by Io Sakisaki Spring 2020
  • Downfall by Inio Asano Winter 2020
  • Kirby Art and Style Collection hardback art book out Spring 2020
  • Junji Ito Twisted Visions artbook Out Now
  • Gen 1 Transformers Manga (Ran in Japan TV Magazine during 80s) out Winter 2019
  • Persona 5 manga Spring 2020
  • Way of the House Husband by Kousuke Oono Fall 2019
  • No Guns Life by Karasuma Tasuku Fall 2019
  • Assassination Classroom Box Set Fall 2019
  • Beastars by Paru Itagaki out July 16
Seis Manos is Viz's new animated series and first ever animated production to air on Netflix.
Inspired by 70s action tv, martial arts, horror, blaxploitation, wrestling, 70s film and grindhouse. 
Set in Mexico, features diverse cast that was drawn from Studio Powerhouse themselves having almost entire gender/ethnicity equity. Fighting inspired by martial arts, anime, Naruto. Music also plays a large part in the show's theme and timing.
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