Local Uji High School Plays Sound! Euphonium’s Anime OP at National Baseball Game

Their sound resonated all over Japan from the stadium via NHK-E

Ritsumeikan Uji Brass Band

As the first pitch was thrown at the Ritsumeikan Uji vs. Seiryo baseball game, from the stands, you could hear the sweet sounds of Ritsumeikan Uji cheer squad hyping their team up with their rendition of Sound! Euphonium’s first opening, Dream Solister.



Because the 101st Koshien is a national inter-school baseball tournament, the game was broadcast across the country on broadcaster NHK-E. This gave the students of Ritsumeikan Uji and Seiryo High School a national stage to show off their skills and have their cheer squads be heard all over Japan.


Mainichi Shimbun reports that after the attack on Kyoto Animation on July 18, Ritsumeikan Uji adopted the anime opening to “encourage the company” that was affected by the tragedy. The school is located inside the town of Uji, the setting for anime series Sound! Euphonium.



For those watching the game at home, you could hear Ritsumeikan Uji’s cheer squad playing Dream Solister under the announcers talking. Even True, the opening’s singer, was moved by the brass band’s skills and exclaimed in a tweet that the “power of music is too powerful!"



The game ended 6-3 with Ritsumeikan Uji losing to Ishikawa’s Seiryo High School. Both teams played very well and did their schools – and hometowns – proud!


Source: @dohamari_doero on Twitter, Mainichi Shimbun


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