Hiro Mashima to Launch New Weekly Serialization Manga HEROES in October

He is going to have two weekly serialization works for a while

Manga artist Hiro Mashima announced on his official Twitter account on September 11 that he will launch a new weekly serialization manga series titled HEROES in Weekly Shonen Magazine in October and that his ongoing EDENS ZERO will not go on hiatus. It means that he is going to have two serialization works in the weekly magazine from October for a while.


"I was told, 'Please do something for Magazine's 60th anniversary, Mashima-san.' So I will launch another new serialization from October. I will work on one more weekly serialization work simultaneously with EDENS ZERO. It is going to be a short series, but two weekly serializations! I will do my best!"




According to his following tweet, HEROES will unite the worlds of RAVE, FAIRY TAIL, and EDENS ZERO as one, so it is expected to be an all-star crossover series. 




Source: Hiro Mashima official Twitter


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