Attraction is Complicated in PV for Gender-Bending Romance Manga Otonari Complex

Rie Takahashi and Soma Saito voice leads in preview video celebrating 4th volume of Saku Nonomura's manga

A promotional image for the Otonari Complex manga by Saku Nonomura, featuring the gender-bending male and female leads, Makoto and Akira.


Otonari Complex ("Next-door Neighbor Complex"), a romance manga by Saku Nonomura about a pair of gender-nonconforming childhood friends who live next door to one another and slowly begin to fall in love, is celebrating the release of its 4th collected volume with a special preview video featuring the voices of Rie Takahashi and Soma Saito.


In the video, Rie Takahashi provides the voice for Akira, a tall and handsome young woman with an oblivious personality who is often mistaken for a man, while Soma Saito provides the voice of Makoto, a young man with a pretty face who enjoys cross-dressing.



The original Otonari Complex manga is serialized in Libre Publishing's Kurofune digital manga magazine. The story follows Akira Kuji and Makoto Ninomiya, a pair of childhood friends who have lived next door to each other all of their lives. Akira and Makoto are so close that they may as well be siblings, but recently their relationship has begun to change as Makoto develops romantic feelings for Akira. More than best friends, less than lovers, a next-door neighbor complex! 


The 4th volume of Otonari Complex hits Japanese bookstores on January 23, 2020.


Source: MoCa


Copyright notice: ©Saku Nonomura/libre


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