Mecha Marketing Goes Mad in "Gundam Meets Business" Column Series

Daisuke Otobe, Junya Tanaka, and Yuuki Bungo teach business fundamentals through long-running Sunrise series

A promotional image for the "Gundam Meets Business" lecture series, featuring a close-up of the RX-2-78 Gundam mobile suit mecha's face.


Japanese business-people who want to put a little heavy metal into their practices will soon have plenty of advice on how to do so, because the official GUNDAM.INFO website is hosting a series of columns by authors such as Daisuke Otobe, Junya Tanaka, and Yuuki Bungo about how to apply the business principles demonstrated in the Mobile Suit Gundam series to real life.


The series is entitled "Business Tips are in the Universal Century! ~Gundam Meets Business~", and it kicks off on July 22, 2020. Topics include management, strategy, leadership, vision, professionalism, design, human resource development, and working styles as viewed through the lens of Mobile Suit Gundam, which has proved a powerful marketing tool over the years.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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