Romance is Double Trouble in Kanojo mo Kanojo Manga PVs

Latest manga from Hiroyuki ("AHO-GIRL") explores a "neo-standard romantic comedy"

A banner image for the Kanojo mo Kanojo manga by Hiroyuki, featuring the heroines and co-girlfriends Saki and Nagisa.


If you thought your relationship status was complicated, prepare to check out a pair of preview videos for Kanojo mo Kanojo ("Girlfriend and Also Girlfriend"), the latest "neo-standard romantic comedy" manga from Hiroyuki, the author of AHO-GIRL. The preview videos (below) feature Ayana Taketatsu as the voice of Saki and Ayane Sakura as the voice of Nagisa, the leading ladies of the series.




Serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kanojo mo Kanojo follows the romantic adventures of Naoya Mukai, a first year high school student who is serious but indecisive. When his classmate, Nagisa Minase, confesses her feelings to him, Naoya is conflicted, because he is already dating his childhood friend and nextdoor neighbor, Saki Saki. Rather than reject Nagisa outright or break up with Saki, Naoya proposes that he, Nagisa, and Saki all enter into a three-way romantic relationship, and hijinks ensue.




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