So much wasted potential...

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I hear a lot of people saying that the premise doomed this show from the start, but... I very much disagree. I think it would've made a great political intrigue/drama/etc plot, along the lines of Log Horizon and that author's work.

One of the big problems in In Another World with my Smartphone is that magic is an instant cure for all ails; it can heal the sick, cure the blind, make portals, etc. Basically, the standard of living in this medieval fantasy world is as good or better than that of the modern world, so there isn't much for the main character to DO with having a piece of modern technology. The smartphone comes with having instant access to massive amounts of modern advances, tactics, and history, and the show just does nothing with it because of that magic system.

So, imagine a series with a similar premise, but with magic being a rarity, or requiring skill and training to learn. So, the main character arrives with few (if any) powers, but has a smart device with either Internet access or a library of textbooks of various subjects (preferably, he keeps this for less silly reasons). Say he arrives in a town to find the kingdom in mourning because the king's daughter is at death's door, and he's looking for any cure he can find. So, after reading up on the princess' symptoms and determining that it's probably pneumonia, the main character takes some moldy bread and makes primitive penicillin, the princess gets better, and the adventure begins.

There are so many directions it could go. Maybe the main character, in a moment of foolishness, introduces black powder weaponry to get out of an inter-kingdom conflict (if magic required training and skill, it wouldn't be too much different from the introduction of guns in the actual middle ages; inferior to bows at the time, but required almost no training to kill with). So, the morality of technology in war would be examined. Or, the main character becomes the center of a major political conflict because his advancements threaten the status quo and/or give one kingdom or another an undo advantage. Maybe the kingdoms are united under an empire, and the development of new technology gives the main character's location unwanted attention.

The point is, a character with access to the blueprints for all sorts of modern technology being transported into a medieval fantasy world would be a really interesting idea for a series.

... But it turned out to be a standard power fantasy, but without any semblance of conflict or interesting characters or concepts. Magic is so universally useful that the smartphone's utility is practically archaic in comparison, the main character is so OP that nothing interesting ever happens, and everything just spins its wheels and goes nowhere.

What a disappointment.
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This anime your point of view is flawed your trying make this Anime as an action fighting anime. This no naruto / dragon ball super.This anime is about guy who been ported from life into a RPG. That been put into god mode. essentially and trip how to venture. I find it fresh ideal and silly. The type of anime you seeking this isn't that. They're already tons of and it's everywhere. Though at least you're not the "click bash squad" that hates on everything that's not the ideal genre that every anime has to be factory made roll out. If not it's 1 star spam. I wish crunchyroll tries to
do something to break that up. Effect ruin some anime series due to the creators get depressed and lose interest.
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The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar. This is the story that you described.
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