Shugo Chara Charm Bracelets! Final sales!

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So I've been making and selling Shugo Chara charm bracelets since last November, and I really appreciate everyone who's bought them from me so far but they're are other things I want to start working on so I'm making 8 (14 piece) sets (which if that's confusing means 8 charms of each of the 14 charas) and as soon as those are all sold out, I won't be making anymore, so if you want to get a bracelet or a few now would be the time! And I'm giving FREE shipping on the 14 piece sets!!

If you haven't seen my bracelets here's a picture:

I sell them on my Ebay and you can choose either the whole 14 piece chara set (which comes with 2 free extra bracelets and now free shipping), or the 3 piece (of your choice) set and you can view both listings here:

3 piece set listing:

14 piece set listing:

and you can view my feedback here:

Thanks for looking!!

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