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    Samstag Oktober 1, 2022
  • EVENT: Tokyo Game Show 2022 Returns For This Season's Biggest Games

    Check out some impressions from the show floor, including the first preview of the PS VR2

    Tokyo Game Show finally respawned this year after skipping a few in-person years due to the pandemic. While Japan’s borders were closed as of this writing, the show must go on, and boy did the Japanese game industry come out and show the world what it’s made of. Follow the journey past the jump!

  • The Forger's Daily Life Is on Display in SPY x FAMILY TV Anime's 2nd Ending Theme Song Video

    Cour 2 of the family espionage TV anime premieres today!

    Shortly after the Japanese broadcast of the first episode of the second half of SPY x FAMILY TV anime tonight, TOHO Animation released the second ending theme song video for the series that beautifully shows off the daily life of the Forger family just chilling in their house and getting through the day. Sneak past the jump to check it out!

  • Sword Art Online Takes on the Stage in New Live Entertainment Show

    Sword Art Online - Dive to Stage - starts up in Tokyo this November

    Sword Art Online has conquered the big and small screen, video games, light novels, manga and even prop sword makers, but now thanks to the 10th anniversary of the anime franchise, it's time for SAO to take on the final level – the stage. Press start to learn more after the jump!

  • My Hero Academia TV Anime Leans Into Its Comic Roots in Season 6 Opening Theme Song Video

    Both the opening and ending for season six have been released creditless

     A new season of My Hero Academia brings a new opening and ending theme song videos, both of which were released shortly after the airing of the new episode without credits on Toho Animation's YouTube Channel. You can catch both of them past the jump!

  • Freitag September 30, 2022
  • Depraved Fantasy TV Anime Immoral Guild Delivers Final Character Trailer

    Immoral Guild begins adventuring on October 5

    The final character trailer for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Taichi Kawazoe's erotic comedy manga Immoral Guild was released today, introducing everyone to Noma Rune, a magician of the fairy clan who uses both attack and healing magic. Cast your spell past the jump to learn more!

  • My Dress-Up Darling Anime Teams Up With Saitama City to Promote Local Doll Production

    An exhibition will be held in Tokyo for Iwatsuki Ningyo dolls

    Saitama City is bringing its local Iwatsuki Ningyo dolls industry to Tokyo this November with the help of the My Dress-Up Darling anime. Find out more details on the full exhibition after the jump!

  • Donnerstag September 29, 2022
  • The Shadow Man Dances His Way Through Tokyo in Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa Creditless Anime Opening Video

    Netflix to release The Culprit Hanzawa in international areas

    Ahead of the series premiere of Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa, the ShoPro YouTube channel released the creditless opening theme for the anime set to "Tsukamaete, Konya." by Leon Niihama, showing said silhouetted criminal dancing around Tokyo while shaking his shadowy behind. Jam past the jump!

  • SPY x FAMILY TV Anime's 2nd Opening Theme Song Video Sneaks Past 4.5 Million Views

    This is ahead of the Cour 2 premiere on October 1

    Everyone is very waku waku for the upcoming second half of the SPY x FAMILY TV anime, so much so that even though the creditless opening theme song video was only released less than two days ago, the video has already surpassed 4.5 million views and is steadily climbing by the minutes. See the celebrations of its success after the jump!

  • Ed Sheeran Battles Mewtwo in New Music Video Celebrating the Classic Pokémon Anime Film

    Sheeran goes sakuga in "Celestial"

    If "anime Ed Sheeran is transported into Pokémon The First Movie in one of the best-animated sequences in 2022" was on your scorecard for this year then congratulations, you win! As do the rest of us with the music video for Ed Sheeran's "Celestial" released today, blowing away expectations after the tease last week. Catch the music video after the jump!

  • New Pokémon Wiglett Worms Its Way Into Scarlet and Violet

    Catch Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on November 18

    Trainers all around the world were teased about a brand new Pokémon that looked like Diglett but with a bit of a long-catifed change. Today, the mammoth franchise confirmed the existence of Wiglett, a water-type variant of the ground-type Pokémon and from the mouth of the devs themselves "it’s really a completely different species of Pokémon!" Catch more after the jump!

  • Eren and Co. Scout Out How to Get People to Give Blood in Attack on Titan Red Cross Collab

    A new visual of the Scout Regiment in striking white and red was released

    Eren, Levi, Erwin, Mikasa and Armin know a little about taking blood so the Japanese Red Cross has teamed up with the Scout Regiment members to learn their ways and get a more steady supply in case of an emergency. The newest anime collaboration with the Red Cross Society delivers a new Attack on Titan visual, which can be seen after the jump!

  • New Urusei Yatsura TV Anime Blasts New OP/ED in Out of This World Trailer

    HiDIVE is set to stream the series this season

    Lum and her cohorts of aliens make their newest debut in next season's Urusei Yatsura TV anime on October 13, but ahead of then, the series released a brand new spaceship-filled trailer that previews the opening and ending theme songs from MAISONdes. Check it out after the jump!

  • K-ON!’s Iconic School Gets Shrunk Down Into 1,120 Piece Model

    Model is now on sale to raise money for Toyosato Town

    Choosing Toyosato’s Former Elementary School as the main location for K-ON!  gave the series a location that has its own character. While the school is now a visitable museum due to its popularity, you can bring the school to your home with the newly announced scale model! Piece together the details after the jump!

  • Kyoto Animation's Free! Anime Synchronizes With Fashion Brand MAYLA for 4-Part Collab

    The final film in the decade-long franchise opened in Japan on April 22

    The Free! franchise is starting to wrap up with the final film in Kyoto Animation's long-running series concluding Haru's story in the Free!–the Final Stroke– The Second Volume anime film earlier this year. That doesn't mean that the series can't continue with its collaborations with the franchise revealing today that it'll be working with fashion brand MAYLA. Details after the jump!

  • Mittwoch September 28, 2022
  • JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 Anime Film’s Japan Blu-ray and DVD Makes a Record-Breaking No. 1 Debut on Weekly Sales Charts

    The prequel anime film is available to stream on Crunchyroll

    The Blu-ray and DVD of the popular JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 anime film was released in Japan over the last week, bringing the story of Yuta and Rika to homes across the country. Japanese sales tracking site Oricon reported today that the film has broken the sales record for its first week in 2022 in all of its categories. All the details after the jump!


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