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    Sonntag Dezember 2, 2012
  • Japan Flavor Report: "Yakuza 5" Omelet Rice at Dining Darts Bar Bee

    Featuring egg-on-egg action and a nearly foot-long croquette

    To commemorate Yakuza 5's release for PlayStation3 December 6th in Japan, Dining Darts Bar Bee has cooked up "the ultimate evolution" of their demi-glace sauce omelet rice as a collaboration menu item. Marketed as "super huge" and "super spicy," does this monster dish deliver? Find out when we scarf it down after the break!

  • Samstag November 17, 2012
  • VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz Launches 'Next A-Class' with Production I.G Anime Short

    And it has English subtitles!

    The next A-Class model from German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is hitting Japan January 17th. To promote, they've dropped an animated short produced together with Production I.G (A Letter to Momo009 Re:Cyborg) called "Next A-Class." Check it out after the break, English subtitles included!

  • Freitag November 9, 2012
  • Japan Flavor Report: Milk Cream Chopper Bun

    "One Piece" no-niku-man appears at 7-Eleven

    In this installment of Japan Flavor Report, we venture once again into the convenience store steamer case to sample the Chopper-man currently promoting One Piece Film Z at 7-Eleven. Milky? Creamy? Find out after the break!

  • Sonntag November 4, 2012
  • POLL: Toki from "Saki Episode of Side A" Named Most Moe Anime Girl of 2012

    Anime Saimoe Tournament 2012 results full of "Saki" characters

    First held in 2002, the "Anime Saimoe Tournament" is a 2ch poll where posters vote for the "most moe" anime girl. Submissions are written in a special format and posted to specific threads for easy tabulation. This year's results have been revealed so get the scoop after the break!

  • Freitag November 2, 2012
  • "Senyū" Anime Set to Premiere January 8th, Website Open

    The fantasy shorts are "Fractale" director Yutaka Yamamoto's latest project

    Details on Yutaka Yamamoto's latest project, Senyū, were initially revealed in the latest issue of Jump Square, but are now available on the anime's official website. The five minute shorts based on Haruhara Robinson's original manga debut January 8th on TV Tokyo at 1:35 in the morning. Bump the jump for more info and a sample of the comic!

  • Montag Oktober 29, 2012
  • POLL: Japan's Favorite Chocolate Snack is Not Pocky

    Japanese TV show "Onegai! Ranking Gold" takes on chocolate, cookies, chips

    "Onegai! Ranking Gold" took a poll to find Japan's favorite chocolate snack and Pocky ranked third. Bump the jump to find out what beat it and see if you agree or not!

  • Sonntag Oktober 28, 2012
  • "Maid of the Dead III" Infects Akihabara Maid Cafe

    Akihabara Culture Cafe Schatzkiste maids refuse to die, serve tea and themed menu items

    In addition to the friendly, normal, welcoming maids at the Akihabara Culture Cafe Schatzkiste, clientele were either surprised or delighted this weekend to find a pair of zombies serving during the "Maid of the Dead III" event. Check them out plus the zombie-themed food items after the break!

  • Samstag Oktober 27, 2012
  • POLL: Japanese Fans Pick Their Favorite Kyoto Animation Anime

    Did you think it was "K-On!" or "Haruhi?"

    A Kyoto Animation fan on Biglobe's Anime One site created a poll to pick the overall (art, story, etc.) best KyoAni show. When the list includes the likes of The Melancholy of HaruhiK-On!Lucky Star, and My Ordinary Life among others, the winner may surprise you! Bump the jump for the top ten!

  • Japan Flavor Report: Burger King's "Black Burger" & "BK Pumpkin"

    Limited time flavors with limited appeal

    Burger King Japan came up with a special burger that will "allow you to keenly feel the arrival of the fall and winter seasons, and their hallmarks, Halloween and Christmas."  After the break we experience "King's Harvest Time" in all its fall sweetness, and also take the plunge on the "Black Burger" that has been lurking around since the end of September.

  • Samstag Oktober 20, 2012
  • "Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi" Anime in the Works

    In a world abandoned by god, the dead don't die

    Fantasy light novel series Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi (something like "Sunday Without God") has been greenlit as an anime. More info after the break!

  • Freitag Oktober 19, 2012
  • VIDEO: Hatsune Miku Dungeon DLC Coming to "Minna to Issho"

    On sale October 26th in Japan

    The fifth in a recent string of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f collaborations tying pretty Vocaloid bows around Minna to Issho on PlayStation Vita in Japan got a promo video today. Watch Miku interact with Toro, Kuro, and pals after the break!

  • Dienstag Oktober 16, 2012
  • Hands-On: Shueisha's "Jump Book Store" Digital Manga Platform

    Released today for iPad/iPhone

    Today in Japan, Shueisha released an iPhone/iPad digital platform for reading Jump manga. Called Jump Book Store, the app currently boasts over a thousand volumes of One PieceNarutoBleach, and other Jump favorites. You guys might be getting used to reading digital manga from Viz or other publishers, but this app is a huge leap for the medium in its home country. Screens and impressions past the break!

  • Sonntag Oktober 14, 2012
  • VIDEO: Anime Girl Graces Japanese Self-Defense Forces Helicopter

    Kisarazu Aviation Festival 2012 includes "ita-helicopter"

    Kisarazu Aviation Festival 2012 was held at the Kisarazu garrison of the Ground Self-Defense Forces in Chiba prefecture this weekend. An anime mascot girl called Akane Kisarazu was not only painted on one of their helicopters, but cosplayed as well. Hit the jump for video and pics from the event!

  • Samstag Oktober 13, 2012
  • "Madoka Magica" Mug is Perfect for Tea with Mami

    High class cup from Noritake available for pre-orders

    Tableware and ceramics tech company Noritake is getting into the magical girl spirit on the occasion of the theatrical release of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part 1: Beginnings and Part 2: Eternal. Check out their soul gem mug after the break!

  • Third "Madoka Magica" Anime Movie Announced as "Hangyaku no Monogatari"

    Coming in 2013 with a new story by series writer Gen Urobuchi

    According to buzz from fans who have seen the second of the two films that comprise the events of the TV anime, the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie will carry the subtitle Hangyaku no Monogatari (something like "A Tale of Rebellion" or possibly "A Tale of Treason") and be released next year. More after the break!


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