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    Sonntag Juni 13, 2021
  • Yokohama's Walking Gundam Recreated as 1/48-Scale Light-Up Bust

    Pre-orders are now open for the collectible on Premium Bandai

    More collectibles are coming out for the RX-78F00, Yokohama's own 1:1 walking Gundam. The latest from Premium Bandai is a 1/48-scale light-up bust. Check out pics of the figure, and find out where to pre-order yours, after the jump!

  • New Re:ZERO Figures Reimagine Rem and Ram in a Futuristic Neon City

    The SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE releases will be available for pre-order starting this month

    Two new figures are transporting your favorite demonic twins to a shiny neon future! SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE's upcoming "Neon City" figures of Ram and Rem have been unveiled, and pre-orders will open later this month. Get your first look at the pair after the jump!

  • Second Aquatope of White Sand PV Introduces Aquarium Anime's OP

    The upcoming original series will also host a bi-weekly online radio show

    "Girl-meets-girl" aquarium anime Aquatope of the White Sand has launched its second PV, full of beautiful new animation and a taste of its OP theme by ARCANA PROJECT. Plus, fans wanting more from the cast between episodes can look forward to a bi-weekly radio show. Find out more after the jump!

  • Samstag Juni 12, 2021
  • Vampire Rock Anime Visual Prison Unveils New Art and Crew

    Visual kei-inspired original anime hits Japan this October

    Original visual kei-inspired vampire anime Visual Prison has dropped lots of news, including character designs, a teaser visual, and an expanded crew list. Plus, there's more to come, with the promise of a live event in the near future. See what's lurking in the shadows after the jump!

  • New Chogokin Figure Brings Yokohama's Walking Gundam to You

    The GUNDAM RX-78 F00 is now available for pre-order on Premium Bandai

    GUNDAM FACTORY Yokohama's 1:1-sized walking Gundam can now home home! A scale Chogokin figure recreates the Gundam RX-78 F00, and is now avaiable for pre-order on Premium Bandai. Hit the jump to find out where to get yours!

  • Freitag Juni 11, 2021
  • Check Out Photos from the First BANANA FISH Stage Play

    Part 1 of the two-part stage production premiered in Japan on June 10

    1984 crime manga Banana Fish is taking a turn on the stage, and a series of new photos has come out showcasing Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura in action. Hit the jump to see the manga characters come to life!

  • Mittwoch Juni 9, 2021
  • Raise a Glass to Getter Robo Arc with Limited-Edition Getter Wine

    Change Getter responsibly

    Getter Robo is entering its final arc soon, and subculture space Gallery of Hakaba is celebrating with some wine! Getter Wine promises to be a versatile drink to go with all sorts of food... but more importantly, it has a super cool label and charm. Check out this and more exclusive goods after the jump!

  • Montag Juni 7, 2021
  • TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION 2 Confirms July 7 Premiere, Reveals New Art

    Check out image and character art for the four lead units of the fictional group

    The idols of TSUKIPRO are back next month! The second season has an official release date, as well as a new wave of character and image art. Check out the boys in costume after the jump!

  • Netflix's RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness Announces Japanese Cast

    Twelve screenshots from the upcoming CG project have also been released

    RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness is coming soon to Netflix, telling a new story taking place between games 4 and 5. On the Biohazard side of things, the Japanese cast has just been announced. Find out who's returning from previous movies, and who's joining the cast, after the jump!

  • Sonntag Juni 6, 2021
  • There Are Angels Among Us in New Evangelion-Themed Werewolf Game

    Play as your favorite characters and find the impostors in the social deduction classic

    Can you find the impostor lurking in NERV headquarters? A new Evangelion-themed Werewolf card deck tasks you and your friends with rooting out Angel infiltrators. Hit the jump to begin the hunt!

  • VTuber Amelia Watson Raises Over $200k for Charity in Record Time

    The Hololive EN star reached her first goal as the stream begins

    Hololive EN's Amelia Watson was on the case yesterday, raising money for homeless pets — and she succeeded beyond even her own expectations! The VTuber gathered more than $200,000 in donations from her fans. Find out more about the stream and the charity after the jump!

  • Samstag Juni 5, 2021
  • Umamusume: Pretty Derby Twitter Races Past 1 Million Subscriber Mark

    Media mix franchise celebrates with art and mobile game gifts

    Peace-Peace! The horse girls of Umamusume: Pretty Derby have raced past the 1 million subscriber mark on their official Twitter. To celebrate, they've shared new art of their most popular equine idols, plus some goodies for players of the tie-in mobile game. See it all after the jump!

  • Iguro and Tokito Join the Adorable Demon Slayer "Look Up" Figure Line

    Check out palm-sized Serpent and Mist Hashira toys from Premium Bandai

    Iguro and Tokito have never been cuter! The Serpent and Mist Hashira have joined Premium Bandai's "Look Up" figure line, reimagining the characters of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as sweet posable sitting chibis. Take a look at the figures, and their special purchase bonuses, after the jump!

  • Freitag Juni 4, 2021
  • Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai Unveils Season 9 Key Visual and Screencaps

    Special "vertical edition" will also be released

    More Showa-flavored horror is on the way as Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai makes its return to television! Check out a key visual, screenshots, and cast list for the upcoming season. Plus, get a peek at the special "vertical edition" coming this summer. Hit the jump to see it all!

  • Donnerstag Juni 3, 2021
  • Dance Along to the Fate/Grand Carnival OP on YouTube

    New video celebrates the release of the crossover party's first BD/DVD

    Get ready to dance! The first Fate/Grand Carnival BD/DVD has just dropped in Japan, and Aniplex is celebrating by sharing its exuberant opening theme video. Plus, you'll get details on the new release's extras. See it all after the jump!


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