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    Sonntag Dezember 31, 2017
  • "One Piece" and "My Hero Academia" Jump into the New Year With Celebration Art

    2017 saw "One Piece" celebrate its 20th anniversary - "My Hero Academia" enjoyed boomed popularity

    2017 saw One Piece celebrate its 20th anniversary. As it says goodbye to the year, series author Eiichiro Oda looked ahead to 2018 with some New Year's orange and a desire to spend some time with Nami. My Hero Academia enjoyed booming popularity in 2017. Author Kōhei Horikoshi looked to 2018 with a Year of the Dog motif. Get a look after the jump.

  • "Fate/Grand Order" Story Continues in Spring with "Cosmos in the Lostbelt"

    A New Year's event is also hitting Japan

    The avalanche of New Year's Fate/ news and previews has included a look at Grand Order's Part 2, which has been titled "Cosmos in the Lostbelt" and scheduled to hit Japan in spring 2018. The game was released in Japan in July 2015 and began working through seven Holy Grail wars, plus a Final Singularity. That was followed by an Epic of Remnant 1.5 chapter with another four episodes. Part two has seven more "Lostbelts" planned.

  • "Fate/" Anime Gets Cooking with "Today's Menu for EMIYA Family" Adaptation

    Distribution is planned for platforms including AbemaTV starting in February

    As with last year and Fate/Grand Order ‐First Order‐, this year, Fate/ celebrate new year's eve with anime. In this case it was a tie-in to Himuro no Tenchi Fate/school life and the more series Moonlight/Lostroom with a Kinoko Nasu story . The broadcast also introduce an anime adaptation of TAa's cooking comedy manga Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan (Today's Menu For EMIYA Family).

  • Japan Anima(Tor)'s Exhibition Streams "Yamadeloid" Again for a Limited Time

    Ichiro Itano supervised short redistributed to celebrate "The Dragon Dentist" Blu-ray release

    The Japan Animator Expo was a showcase of shorts presented by Dwango and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara. In January 2015, the 10th of these was “YAMADELOID,” supervised by the legendary Ichiro Itano at Graphinica, Inc. In honor of the Japanese Blu-ray release of the The Dragon Dentist (an expanded version of an Expo short) and the shorts, this being redistributed, streaming on the project site until February 28th. 

  • Samstag Dezember 30, 2017
  • "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" Anime Announces Spring Return

    Today's wrap up of the fall 2017 run won't mark the end of second adaptation

    Today's wrap up of the fall 2017 run won't mark the end of second adaptation of Natsumi Eguchi's infernal comedy Hozuki's Coolheadedness. Plans have been announced for the anime to return in April 2018's spring season for a Part II. Get a look at the announcement art after the jump.

  • Freitag Dezember 29, 2017
  • "Madoka Magica" Rings in the New Year

    2017 brought in the introduction of smartphone game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

    2017 brought in the introduction of smartphone game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record, and that brought back many members fo the mahou shoujo team, including original character designer Ume Aoki, voice actors such as lead Aoi Yuuki and witch sequence animators/designers Gekidan Inu Curry. Going into the new year, they've put Madoka in her festive haregi, handed her a hagoita and let her go all hanestuki on those witches.

  • Anime Voice Actress Yuu Kobayashi Announces Marriage

    35-year-old voice actress/singer/fashionista/artist has taken to Twitter with the news

    35-year-old voice actress/singer/fashionista/artist (of the most disturbing sort) Yuu Kobayashi  has taken to Twitter to announce her marriage. While the voice of character including Attack on Titan's Sasha Braus says she's marrying a normal guy, not in the anime business, the often repeated joke on social media is that if he's marrying Yuu Kobayashi, he can't be THAT normal. 

  • "Magical Girl Ore" Anime Gets New Preview and Visual

    Genders swap for latest

    Earlier this month, an anime adaptation of of Magical Girl Ore was officially announced for spring 2018 with Rental Magica's Itsuro Kawasaki directing the  Pierrot+ production and Jewel Pet Twinkle's Yukiko Ibe on character designs. At the time, male leads Kaito Ishikawa and Wataru Hatano were announced with a feminine visual. Now, along with a preview, it's been swapped.  

  • Sentai Filmworks Announces "Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless" English Dub Cast

    Home video scheduled for January 30th

    Coming on January 30th, Section23 will be releasing Sentai Filmworks' Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless in standard and premium edition sets. In anticipation, they have announced the dub cast for 2016's Silver Link comedy anime. See who's who after the jump.

  • Donnerstag Dezember 28, 2017
  • J-Novel Club Announces the Licensing of "Arifureta Zero"

    "Arifureta Zero" is a prequel and spinoff of the series "Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest"

    J-Novel Club LLC has announced the acquisition of Arifureta Zero from OVERLAP Inc. The first part of volume 1 will be available on to read for free today, The E-Book for volume 1 will go on sale in early April of 2018. J- Novel Club will be starting the online pre-publication release for its Members and Premium Members the same day as it is published in
    Japan, for our first official simultaneous publication. More after the jump.

  • Juri Stars in "Revolutionary Girl Utena" Manga One-Shot

    New chapter in "Flowers" on January 27th

    This year, Be-Papas member Chiho Saito turned 49 and celebrated the 35th anniversary of her debut manga, "Ken to Madomoaseru" (The Sword and the Mademoiselle) by returning to Revolutionary Girl Utena (the anime of which celebrated a 20th anniversary) for a new Utena story in the September issue of josei magazine Flowers. She's back again in the March 2018 issue, out January 27th. Get a look after the jump.

  • "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" Swimsuit Figure Teased - Author Responds with Bonus Art

    Pre-orders launch January 12th

    Coming on January 12th (for the launch for pre-orders at least), Tohru will be hitting her D for "dragon" sized bust into a swimsuit for a Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid figure by FOTS. While details are TBA, series manga author Coolkyoushinja has responded enthuiastically with a set of bonus sketches. Get a look after the jump.

  • English-Subtitled "Hakumei and Mikochi" Anime Preview Streamed

    Gentle anime planned for winter

    This winter, Lerche (Assassination Classroom) will be producing an anime adaptation of Hakumei And Mikochi - Tiny Life In The Woods (aka Kobito Hiyori). While Sentai Filmworks has announced plans for a stream on HIDIVE, Europe's Wakanim will be handling it in their territory and have published a subtitled promo. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sentai Filmworks Licenses "The Seven Heavenly Virtues" Anime

    Anime will soon be available to stream on select digital outlets in January 2018, with a home video release to follow

    Sentai Filmworks has announced the license of winter 2018 bishoujo anime The Seven Heavenly Virtues. The series will soon be available to stream on select digital outlets in January 2018, with a home video release to follow. More after the jump.

  • See If "Pop Team Epic" Anime Promos Make Any More Sense in English

    Supposedly, winter's Pop Team Epic is a real anime that real people have really seen

    Supposedly, winter's Pop Team Epic is a real anime that real people have really seen. And, yet, given the nature of the Bkub manga on which it's based, and given the past cancellation, you'd be excused for half-suspecting that it's an elaborate hoax. The first previews certainly don't offer any evidence that Mikako Komatsu and Sumire Uesaka have been animated as Popuko and Pipimi. Check out localized versions after the jump.