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Known as the Terminator of the Evil, this Giant Robot is the last hope of the mankind. DEMONBANE is controlled by a hero, Kurou Daijyuji and Al Ajifu, who is the personification of most powerful book, “The Way of the Magic”; she is also the Semi-Deus Machina, virtual ruler of the Ark ham City. DEMONBANE was created secretly, preparing for the coming threat, by the prior leader of Conqueror’s Conglomerate, “Maker of the Armor”. The theory of the magic is built in the Air frame of DEMONBANE. Most of it is made of black box and the theory within is extremely difficult to understand. It exceeds the powers of Destructive Robots of Black Lodge who terrorizes the Security Agents of Ark ham City that absolutely have no chance of fighting against it. Having two Vulcan Cannon on its head, DEMONBANE is capable of using various weapons including “Remuria Impact”, (Sorcery of Purification), “Tymios”, (Chain Cutting Shield). It is also equipped with “Atlantis Strike”, (Sorcery of Crushing) that is capable of starting “Crutios”, (Space Warping Mechanism).