Dororo Motion Magazine

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It's an entirely new form of manga, presenting to you Tezuka's original works with motion, voice overs, and sound effects!


■The thriller manga series of the journey of Hyakkimaru – a young man who had forty-eight of his body parts taken from him■

A warlord named Daigokagemitsu offers the body of his unborn son to forty-eight demons in exchange for fulfilling his ambition to conquer the country. The baby, born lacking forty-eight body parts, is abandoned in the river. Saved and raised by a kind doctor, he is given the name Hyakkimaru. After growing into a strong young man, Hyakkimaru sets out on a journey to eliminate the demons to retrieve his lost body parts. He then encounters a boy called Dororo along his journey. They begin to travel together.

The demons and monsters from Eastern legends and folk tales appear one after another in this story. But actually, all of them were Tezuka’s original creatures. Dororo, which was recently made into a live action movie, is loved by a wide range of people.

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