Earl and Fairy

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    Lydia the Fairy Doctor deserves a watch.
    17-year-old Lydia Carlton is nicknamed the "Fairy Doctor", in Victorian Britain, due to her interest and ability to negotiate fairies. She is kidnapped by Edgar J.C Ashenbert, the "Legendary Blue Knight Earl" and his crew on a voyage to London. Edgar hires her as his advisor in fairy matters in his quest to obtain a magic sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.
    The ...
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  • Just watch it because it's awesome!
    I'm writing to be the first 5 star because I found the anime extremely enticing and since it's an older anime the animation style and music are a like a breathe of fresh air! I found the relationship between the characters to be very dynamic and just plain fun to watch.Also if you're new to anime this one is good to watch because it's easy to follow and it'll feel more like you're watching a ...
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  • My first anime, and still one of my favorites !
    I'm probably a bit biased since this was my first anime and manga back in middle school, but it super cute and I'm glad to finally see it on Crunchyroll after so many years. It's plot and art style are unique and interesting, and it has one of my favorite OSTs. 10/10 definitely recommend !
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