Emma: A Victorian Romance

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  • I cried... a few times!
    This is definitely worth a watch. The pacing is slow, but it gives their romance a more realistic feel. I found myself crying along with the main characters and I even cried from joy at the end of the series. The atmosphere was very nice and felt authentic.

    I recommend binge watching this show like I did!
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  • Very cute period romance
    I did really like this anime i just wish it wasn't so long. The sad part unlike the anime now that you get 12 episodes this was two full seasons but it did not need to be. The characters are nice and it easy to follow but it drag on way to long. I found myself skipping episodes just to get to the good part. It a real play by numbers but if you like romance that real slow then this is for you.
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  • Excellent choice! You won't be disappointed
    Emma is the story of a Victorian era maid and the very rich man hat falls in love with her. Emma is driven by a sense of duty and realism typical of someone who has suffered a lot. The young man, the one who falls in love with her, has never had to suffer. He is bound by the society that surrounds him and yet, at he same time, aspire to break free so he can pursue his love. There is a lot going on ...
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  • Amazing Series. Avoid the Second Season.
    Lovingly crafted with a great attention to detail. Don't listen to the lies, though. This anime only has one season. It has a wonderful ending and the second season feels... less than. The pacing changes, the character focus changes, and they introduce this new male lead... it very much reminds me of Kaleido Star. We had a good series, let's STRETCH THAT.
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  • If you like the period piece in an anime, you won't regret it. Delightful story!
    Story like this has been told many times, but they are still inspiring and a breath of fresh air compared to most of the anime stories of depicting the lives of the kids as the main theme and most of the times, parents are never even in the scene or the story line.
    I liked the fact the fact that I could actually listen and go with the tone of the story and it wasn't about a typical pretty girl ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Want a Victorian Ramance?
    Well, this is the anime for you!

    I don't normally leave reviews for anime, I'm more of a just watch 'em type of person, but the moment I saw that Crunchyroll had this anime on here - AND without any reviews - I could not sit by and leave one of my favorite anime without a good review, albeit a small vague one.

    It's been a while since I had last seen this anime, but boy was this one of my ...
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