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  • Couldn't stop watching
    I haven't played any of the games but know of them. Sticking to not knowing I really enjoyed this anime, it has panty shots (or just straight up underwear only)galore but it doesn't take from the story or comedy in any way and can, in fact, add to it at time. I couldn't stop watching and enjoyed it all the way through!
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  • This is the most funniest anime that i've ever seen!!
    I will first begin by pointing out that i've never played any of the Akiba's Trip games that this is based on (or loosely so I hear), but i've heard alot about the series and yes, this does retain the pervy "strip them to their underwear" concept that the video games do, but in a harmless Carry On film kinda way.

    However, if you look past the seedyness and what you have is one hilarious comedy ...
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  • Funny anime full of references to otaku culture
    This anime is a cute comedy with likeable characters and a unique story. I really enjoyed watching it because episodes tend to focus on different aspects of otaku culture and will introduce a weird comedic aspect to them. Although this anime isn't perfect, I had to give it 5 stars because it's a show which made me look forward to each new episode and I enjoyed every second of it. The art style is ...
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