5 Great Match-Ups in the Eternal Struggle of Man vs. Beast!

A rivalry as old as history, let’s take a look at 5 of the best anime bouts between humans and animals!

When you think about some of the common struggles in fiction, you’ve got your staples: Man versus Self, Man versus God, Man versus Man, Man versus Supernatural, and Man versus Nature. In school, many can remember reading tales like Jack London’s Call of the Wild, with struggles to stay warm, find food and shelter, and fight off wild, hungry animals. Collected here are 5 anime bouts between man and the natural elements of the world that would make Jack London proud!

Tenjho Tenge: Mitsuomi vs The Bull

Bull fight

Tenjho Tenge is a series filled with hot-blooded action, awesome battles, and lots of characters who seem ridiculously powerful for being high school students! Tenjho Tenge really ignited anime fans' passions with its stylish character designs, catchy opening song, and unique and memorable battles, and one of the most memorable segments is that of Mitsuomi vs the Bull.

As the president of the Executive Council and the strongest fighter at Todo Academy, Mitsuomi certainly cuts an impressive and imposing figure. But how strong is he really? Well, this fight between the president and a monstrously sized bull puts that question quickly to rest, as Mitsuomi decapitates the raging beast without breaking a sweat! Mitsuomi doesn’t even flinch as viewers get a look at just how powerful the strongest of Todo high really is.

Toriko: Toriko vs The Gararagator

Toriko vs. Gararagator

Toriko takes things to the extreme when it comes to Man vs Nature; almost everything in the Toriko universe is incredibly vicious… but also incredibly delicious! Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter, tasked with collecting the very best ingredients from the Gourmet World with his skills and bringing them back to the Human World in order to be cooked into delicious meals.

As the series follows Toriko in his quest to find the best ingredients and constantly challenge himself to be the best chef, he comes across numerous dangerous animals to bring down. Toriko’s adventures pit him against all kinds of dangerous animals and other hunters, but his battle with the Gararagator early in the series really helps set the tone for the series and shows us just what being a Gourmet Hunter is really all about!

Golden Kamuy: Sugimoto vs the Bear

Sugimoto vs. CG bear

When it comes to braving the wilds of nature, it helps to have a strong spirit and will to fight for your life... and there might not be any character in anime with that zeal like the Immortal Sugimoto of Golden Kamuy. Bullets, bayonets, dango sticks, explosions, and syringes aren’t enough to stop Sugimoto in his tracks, but what about the unrivaled power of nature?


Sugimoto’s bout against a beast of the wild took him straight into the sights of a bear, and he came out on top (or, more correctly, underneath – but he still survived)! Sugimoto’s travails against dangerous animals donn’t stop there, with him facing off against more bears and even a killer whale! Sugimoto receives a lot of help against the wilds from Asirpa, and this pair has so far proved unstoppable when faced with dangerous creatures from the wilds.

Hajime no Ippo: Takamura vs the Bear

Takamura vs. Bear

When you started reading this article, there’s a chance you might have pictured a historic scene in the struggle of Man vs Nature in anime: Takamura vs the bear in Hajime no Ippo. Takamura has always been an imposing presence in the world of boxing, a force of nature who seems to have no equal amongst men… but what about animals?

Well, Takamura doesn’t run away from a fight, and decides to take on the bear with his most deadly weaponry: his two fists! Takamura’s furious blows bring the beast down in a display of amazing fistcuffs, but Takamura stops short of gloating once he realizes the bear is only trying to protect her cubs, and leaves the animals as he runs back to find the others. Sadly, as fate would have it, Takamura’s mercy seems wasted, as dinner that night is freshly hunted bear… the same one that Takamura fought! Tearfully, Takamura eats his meal in respect of the fallen foe…

Nichijou: Principal vs Deer

Principal vs. Deer

Some battles are so amazing, so thrilling, and so spectacular that one feels honored to have simply witnessed their occurrence. Not every fight against the forces of nature have to involve dangerous carnivores, either… Sometimes, those historic battles take place between an older man and a deer!

Nichijou is a series that revels in sublime and odd moments, and this epic battle is certainly one such key moment. Yuko and the viewer are forced to watch as the principal attempts to corral a stray deer, who continually pummels the man until he reveals… A stunningly perfectly German suplex?! This battle for the ages for an audience of one takes more twists and turns than most other anime could hope for in their entire runtimes, and we want you to know that this is a fight you don’t want to miss, especially for how Yuko handles having witnessed such an epic bout!

Battles between man and nature will likely be told forever, and it’s thrilling to see people put their natural abilities on the line against much stronger and dangerous opponents that can’t be reasoned with! Got any Man vs. Nature anime favorites of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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