How Many Goblins Could a Goblin Slayer Slay?

Reddit user Jaridan recorded how many kills Goblin Slayer racks up each episode

Goblin Slayer has one love in life: slaying goblins. But how effective is he at his job? One Reddit user decided to find out. When the first episode aired and a Reddit thread on r/anime was made to discuss the show, user WhoiusBarrel asked if someone could create a counter to track goblin deaths. User Jaridan stepped up to the task and then some. Jaridan has been compiling data for every goblin slain (plus a few more relevant statistics) in each episode so far in a recurring post he aptly named GOBLINCOUNTER (see the latest update here). With Jaridan's permission, we created a chart that tallies up all of Goblin Slayers kills thus far. Take a look:



Whoa, that's a lot of dead goblins! And how many Goblins Dead Per Minute, exactly? Thanks to Jaridan's metrics, we know that answer too! We won't spoil all of them, but the highest ratio of Goblins Dead Per Minute goes to episode 6, with a whopping 6.57 GDPM! Of note is also Jaridan's extensive and witty listing of how each goblin died, and we have to say, Goblin Slayer is pretty creative when it comes to dispatching goblins. And for any goblins out there, Jaridan was also kind enough to include a few safety tips and suggestions on how to keep your heads on, literally. And, interestingly, there's no goblin deaths for episode 10, meaning episode 11 might be a complete goblin massacre! 


What do you think is going to happen in the coming episodes? How many more goblins do you think are going to be slain? Let us know in the comments!

(posted with permission from Jaridan)

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