As Darkness Falls, Shield Hero Fans Unite Behind Their Hero

Last week's Shield Hero episode FINALLY got all heroes working together! What will happen this time?! *SPOILERS*

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If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!




Queen's ready to attacc


We start off this week's episode with the Queen herself taking some action; if this is a crisis that affects the whole world over, who is she to just sit by the sidelines? She declares to her fleet that they'll put down that traitorous pope and his followers. We stan this FIERCE QUEEN! But will she and her fleet make it in time to help Naofumi and the others?



One by one, our heroes fire their attacks on the pope, without much of an effect on him... 



Sure, the Pope's followers have the ability to heal him if he should take damage, but how long could they keep that going? Mana supply isn't infinite, and it could run out real quick if the followers were to keep that Cathedral up in the midst of healing.



Naofumi launched an impressive curse attack on the Pope... but it didn't work on on him?! What gives! The Pope smugly tells Naofumi that "this is hallowed ground blessed by God." So it looks like while being imprisoned in the Cathedral, effects like curses don't work at all. The Cathedral is not broken or overpowered at all, right?! 


pls wake up sheeple


After all that boasting and show of power, a third of the Pope's followers fall after having their mana taken. Finally, a chance to strike! But even with their firepower diminished, the Pope still demands that sweet mana flow to keep up his "strength", even though it may come at the cost of his precious believers lives. You'd think some of them would... y'know... wake up and just walk out, but nope. They'll really sacrifice their lives under the guise of slaying an enemy of God.


3 hero stooges


The three stooges (Spear, Sword and Bow Heroes) look to Naofumi to "do something about it." Excuse you guys??? They go on saying that even though Naofumi is a lower level than them, that his Shield is overpowered and can totally just make this huge problem disappear. Yeah, sure, he'll get right on that! 


Fitoria's wise advice


Fitoria's warning to not use the Shield of the Curse Series flashes in Naofumi's mind... And what does he do?


Naofumi WHY


He freakin' USES IT!!! You've been warned, son!


Naofumi SMASH


Naofumi is sweet talked to let his anger run rampant and consume everything on his path. This power he used previously... it fit like a glove, right? There couldn't be anything wrong with ignoring a warning and using it again, right? RIGHT?


Shield Team, best team!


Before he launches his chaotic attacks, voices of his trusted companions reach him... Raphtalia, Filo and Melty detail on what this journey they've undertaken together meant to them. What they've learned, gained, and the trust they have for one another... what makes them the best team! The three of them manage to get Naofumi to snap out of it and they all share a very tender moment. Shield Team definitely is the BEST TEAM for sure!


The Pope redies his next attack as he continues to be a pompous jerk to Naofumi, but it's not without a final warning from Naofumi himself: grand power always comes at a price, and if that power is at the cost of his believers, then he's a bit short to pay up! 



The show's first theme song plays as Naofumi and crew lay on the smackdown, and it just really makes for a hype moment; doesn't that song get you all fired up?! Also, that transition from Filo's attack to Raphtalia's attack looks SICK!



Enough is enough, and the Pope unleashes an illusion attack that is unpleasant to look at and isn't broken AT ALL. Looks like our crew is out of luck and all hope is lost...


Ice Prison


...Until our FIERCE QUEEN comes in with the most flamboyant way to cast an Ice Prison spell! This is the chance we've been waiting for! The Pope is stopped in his tracks! The time for dealing the killing blow is NOW...!


oopsie whoopsie


...Whoops, that didn't go as planned. Naofumi bleeds an insane amount as his finisher backfires on him... or does it...?


In the end, the Pope gets what's coming to him as sweet justice reigns supreme! However, it looks like it was at the cost of Naofumi almost dying. He hangs on life's very thin thread as Raphtalia, Filo and Melty try to get him to stay awake and not succumb to death's embrace. 


Yaaass, QUEEN


The Queen declares she will not let the Shield Hero die. Will she be able to heal him? Will our hero survive having lost that much blood? What now after the Pope's attack? Comment below and leave your predictions as we wait for next week's episode!


And now it's our favorite time of the week: checking out YOUR reactions to this week's intense episode! Let's see what y'all thought this time around!










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