Shield Hero Fans Cheer for Naofumi's Justice

Last week's episode had Naofumi in dire straights, but what will become of the royal family in this episode?!

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It's that time you've been waiting for, y'all! If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!



A dream?


This week's episode starts with the BEST TEAM (let's not forget that!), the Shield Hero team all rounded up. But all of this seems quite hazy... Is this a dream? Is this a vision of what's to come in the future? What exactly is going on here?


wakey wakey, eggs and bakey


Before we get any sort of answer, we're brought back to reality. Oh yeah, that's right, during the fight against the Pope, that nifty Blood Sacrifice skill Naofumi used kiiinda ended up roughing him up quite a bit, huh? After receiving top care from the royal family and having slept for 3 days, it also seems he's gotta take it easy for a whole month before he's in top shape again. Geez, that's some nasty damage! Thankfully, thanks to Fitoria (who DID warn him to not use the skill, but Naofumi was all like "Did y'all hear sumn...?), Raphtalia, Filo and Melty weren't affected by the curse.




Our FIERCE QUEEN appears to greet Naofumi and assure that her saving him is what was obvious to do, after all, he's one of the four Cardinal Heroes who defends the world from the Waves of Catastrophe. But...wait a minute. Something isn't quite right here. If it that was the case, why was Naofumi so hated from the get-go? It just looks like anyone who would be summoned as the Shield Hero would be vilified no matter what! There's gotta be an explanation for this mess...


stay strong, queen


It turns out that while the Queen was away taking part in an international forum to best strategize on how to fight the upcoming Waves, the plan to summon all four Cardinal Heroes in Melromarc had been set in motion by everyone's favorite King and Princess! The forum had decided that the major nations would EACH summon ONE hero to fight the Waves together in unity... so it's understandable that they'd be fuming about Melromarc getting all four heroes. The Queen was busy this whole time essenitally trying to put out fires and keep things amicably between the nations; she's had it rough this whole time!


talking it out


Alright, but what's the deal with the harsh treatment towards the Shield Hero? The King apparently hated the previous Shield Hero, so that hatred carried over to whoever would become the next Shield Hero. The Three Heroes Church saw a valuable opportunity and hurried to take advantage of the King. Meanwhile, being so obsessed with power, Malty even joined in to try and snatch the seat to power as quickly as she could! Yikes, this is quite the conondrum here... Things sure would have been different if Naofumi was summoned in another country!


finally, some good food

Finally, some good food

This doesn't mean that Naofumi is leaving empty-handed, oh no, far from it! The Queen declares that she'll not only clear his name, but that he'll be honored with the greatest award Melromarc has to offer and 500 gold pieces. CHA-CHING! After all that trouble Naofumi went through, it was about time, really!




In addition to that... due to the King's and Malty's meddling, they are to be punished... but in what way? We don't really hear what the punishment is, but it sounds to be severe... The Shield Hero party will have to wait until the next day to find out when they attend the hearing to clear Naofumi's name. What...exactly is going to happen here?


dead end



We're in the dream world again, and OHMYGOD the King and Malty are going to be beheaded?! They're responsible for summoning the Cardinal Heroes without permission, and their orchestrations led to many deaths all over the world; they're criminals! Is this their fate?! Naofumi, even though he recognizes that they deserve to die for what they did, has some inner conflict as to whether this would be the right outcome or not.


the day has come


Finally, the day has finally come where the Shield Hero's name is cleared! The crowd outside was enormous as word spread about that there are some important announcements to be made. The other 3 Cardinal Heroes remain as clueless as ever as all they want to do is party right after defeating the Pope. Little do they know what lies in store for the day's announcements...




Kicking off the event with a bang, it's time for the King's and Princess' trial! Hey, the other heroes wanted some excitement, right? They've definitely got some right here! The King goes on and on about how the Devil of the Shield brainwashed her too, but she snaps her fingers like Thanos, freezes him in place, and bluntly states there was obviously never an ability like that and that he should've known that fact. Our Queen isn't playing any games here!


slave crest


We all know how much of a liar Malty is, so getting a fair trial is going to be kinda hard with her bad habits. But mama knows best and the Queen places a temporary slave crest on Malty so that the truth will finally be in full display whether she likes it or not! 


liar, liar, pants on fire


Bit by bit, the truth is spilled out to paint the King's and Malty's true colors. They colluded with the Church (even though the Church tried to eliminate the royal family) for their own agendas. Malty tried to assasinate Melty, and tried to pin it on the Shield Hero, just so she could be next in line to the throne. The King worked with the Church to summon all the Cardinal Heroes while the Queen was away. To thrwart the Shield Hero, Malty falsely accused him of an assault that never even happened in the first place. Of course, idiot hero Motoyasu refuses to believe this and he forms a slave pact with Malty to get the "real" truth out.


you wa shock


Unfortunately for him, all she spews are lies one right after the other! He can't play hero for an obvious villain! It soon becomes clear that both the King and Princess only sought power for their own selfish reasons and caused grief and suffering to the nation all over. And so the Queen declares her verdict...


Aultcray Melromarc XXXII and Malty Melromarc are GUILTY of high treason and conspiracy! They are to be stripped from their status... and sentenced to DEATH




Here we are again... but this time, it isn't a dream. The crowd is desperate to see justice after some of their loved ones' blood was spilled due to the King and Princess' ravenous plot. Malty cries out to her darling Motoyasu, only to be rightfully ignored.




...And then the unthinkable happens: she calls out to Naofumi for HELP! WHAT?! EXCUSE YOU?! She's hollering and pleading at him to help her out of this! Wow... no shame... BUT! Notice how her slave crest doesn't go off? This is a genuine call for help here. Only Malty can beg the one she planned to kill so she can save her hide!



Instead of their lives, Naofumi proposes that their names be stripped and...changed to names of his choosing to live under for the rest of their lives! And my goodness, they're truly unique names, wouldn't you say? I gotta say, there's something about the Queen making the official motions for their new names and saying those names VERY CLEARLY that's completely HILARIOUS! 


new church who dis


Along with that motion, the Three Heroes Church is now abolished, and in its place will rise the Four Heroes Church as Melromarc's state religion. Now ALL Cardinal Heroes will be included, as they should have from the very beginning!


Now with sweet justice being served, it's time to party, but we all know that isn't Naofumi's style. Even though he's not up for partying, he WILL work with Melromarc and all the other nations of the world to best fight the Waves, because they're the Four Cardinal Heroes and that's what they're supposed to do. This proclamation earns the admiration of his peers (not like he wanted that anyways!).


mother and daughter


BEST TEAM Shield Hero gets ready to set off, but with one less member; Melty is finally safely home after all the chaos she had to endure. While she huffs under her breath that she should've thanked the Queen, it's revealed that the Queen was going to offer her own life in exhange for the King's and Malty's if he hadn't stopped the execution. Had he seen right through her? Either way, things worked out for her favor, thankfully!


onwards to the fighting the waves!


The Shield Hero Team finally get the salute they deserved, but Naofumi reflects that he'd gained something far superior for being the Shield Hero. But what of the Waves? Don't forget about Glass! What dangers will come their way now that the Melromarc royal family drama is over and done with? We'll have to wait and see!


But for now, let's check out what y'all thought of this amazing episode!













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