Shield Hero Fans Go Nuts for Raphtalia's Swimsuit and Naofumi's Leveling Spree!

After a discovery about their weapon systems, Naofumi feels like he can take on anything, but what will happen this week?

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Hear ye, hear ye, it's that time you've been waiting for every week: Shield Hero time! If you haven't watched this week's episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, please shield your eyes from these spoilers!



new allies?


We start this week's episode with... new allies? I know Naofumi's name was cleared and all, but there's still a lot of people out there that still treat him like a criminal, so making new allies seems like a huge change of pace here! Nevertheless, we meet the BEST TEAM's bunkmates: L'Arc and Therese. Before they got too chummy, Raphtalia couldn't understand a word Therese was saying and asked if she was foreigner.


Well, that was convenient! The language barrier is something Naofumi totally forgot about, since his handy dandy shield already translates everything for him. Now we can get to know our new allies! As Naofumi introduces himself... both L'Arc and Therese burst out in laughter? Wow, rude!

the true face of EVIL

But they don't believe Naofumi to be ACTUAL Shield Hero, after all, the Shield Hero is an evil guy that deals with stuff like scames, blackmail and kidnappings. He can even get anyone who ends up annoying him killed! Truly an evil guy, right? Ahh...seems like news of Naofumi's name being cleared hasn't reached far and wide yet.

best team

Even with L'Arc saying all those untrue things about the Shield Hero, he also believes that Naofumi himself doesn't have those terrible qualities, and that he's truly a good guy! Seems like they'll still be able to get along...hopefully! L'Arc still believes Naofumi's just hiding his real name, but he's too easy-going to care, which totally works for the Shield Hero team, because they offer to party up to take advantage of the Cal Mira's level boosts. The more, the merrier!

Before any real plans are set in stone, Naofumi gets summoned to meet the ship's crew. Something about getting the crew excited with having the Four Cardinal Heroes onboard... but how exciting can that be when three of 'em are total chumps? Ah well, at least Naofumi can share what he learned about the weapons' system: if you trust and believe the info about the systems that are told to you, they unlock and you can use them! It's a pretty big discovery and definitely some vital info that all Heroes need to know.


We are treated to the most sorry sight in this episodes: the three hero stooges being completely seasick and even unable to stand! "How are you okay, Naofumi?," they ask. Gee, is it because he's not a total lightweight like y'all?! Pathetic! How can the ship's crew even get excited over this?! Whatever, it's time to talk about the ever-important system discovery... but what's this? They don't even want to hear about anything "complicated" because their condition will worsen. Seriously? These three hero stooges will help with the Waves? Oh Naofumi... you have your work cut out for you!

rare material

What's hilarious to me is that L'Arc and Therese just stroll on by and they don't really pay much attention to the three sickly idiot heroes! I wonder if they know that those three are the Heroes of legend that will help save their world. Anyway, enough about the baka trio, Therese has a request for Naofumi, and she'll pay the big bucks for it! She heard from Raphtalia that he's quite skilled in jewel crafting, so she wants him to make her an accessory she could use. Since he's already getting the materials and he'll be paid, why not?

cal mira

The BEST TEAM finally reach Cal Mira! The island is a popular spot with the tourists, and with good reason: it looks like a beatiful and relaxing vacation spot! But that's not the only reason that Cal Mira gained its fame; apparently the past Four Cardinal Heroes trained at the island, making it a big draw for travelers. With all of this bringing tourists and adventurers from all over, there's some rules they all gotta follow, like avoiding barging into other adventurers' battles to steal their prey... Isn't that basically telling them not to kill steal? Truly, this is an MMO! 



Along with that weird totem pole-ish looking statue, there's an epigraph left behind by a Cardinal Hero? Nah, that can't be right, it's totally bogus--WOAH, it actually worked! So the legend of the previous Cardinal Heroes coming to train here wasn't a lie after all! In the midst of this discovery, L'Arc and Therese find our crew and make plans to party up for the leveling spree. Seems like Naofumi took a liking to those two! Hopefully they can stay allies for a long time... fingers crossed! With plans being set, why don't we see what leveling in Cal Mira is all about before calling it a day?



Even low-level monsters give an ample amount of experience points! Excellent! And they spawn infinitely? Definitely a great area to farm some levels, that's for sure. But as with any leveling spree... after fighting the same weak enemies over and over, no matter how much exp. points they give, it becomes a total chore. It's time for some excitement; where are the higher level bosses?! 


why are they like this


Wait a sec... why isn't anyone gaining exp. points all of the sudden? And then the three stooges heroes appear... of course they would all kill steal from one another! The three are quick to get territorial and  proceed to bicker and yell at each other. How old are these three again? 'Cause they sound like they're 6 right now.



Naofumi's had enough of this farce and leaves to a higher level area. Finally, some excitement and that sweet exp. points boost! Not to mention better drops too; Raphtalia and Filo were able to get newer weapons to fight the higher level monsters with. With all this leveling... how is Naofumi not tired? Isn't he still cursed from his Blood Sacrifice curse? He couldn't hide this fact from Raphtalia, who urged Naofumi to rest. She's really the best girl! 


worried allies


Just on cue, L'Arc and Therese find the Shield Hero team, and they were worried about not seeing them come back to the main island. Having people worry over him is not something Naofumi is used to, and with Raphtalia, L'Arc and Therese teaming up to say "hey, enough is enough, pal," he can't refuse their offer to call it quits for the day. But not without drinking!


bottoms up!


Most of the time that Naofumi and crew gather with others, it ends up in chaos, but this time it was... really enjoyable! Getting some R&R without any trouble is such a rarity, so they enjoy as much as they can. We see Filo singing, Raphtalia being buff and destroying any fools who dare to challenge her, and Naofumi being indestructible when it comes to alcohol. It's a real treat to see the BEST TEAM enjoying themselves like this! 


pretty accessory


The next morning comes (thankfully, no hangovers!), and it's time to level like crazy with L'Arc and Therese! But not before Naofumi handing over the promised accessory he said he'd make for Therese. It's such a gorgeous looking accessory too made from a rare and vibrant red Starfire! She's so overjoyed that...she's crying? "The jewel is filled with joy," she says as she praises Naofumi's skills. I wonder if her hobbies lie in creating, collecting  and analyzing accessories. Naofumi did such an amazing job that Therese wants to shower him with all the money! Wow, I guess he won't be worrying about going broke for awhile, huh?



Now they're ready to kick some butt and gain some levels! With a bigger and balanced party, leveling was a breeze; the BEST TEAM reached level 70! However, now gaining more exp. points got to be a drag with the lower level enemies, and y'all know what that means: time to take on the area's boss!


Therese uses her strange new skill from the accessory she got from Naofumi on the mob...but with Naofumi in the mob?! What's the big idea, Therese?! Are our new allies traitors?! No... that's not right. The skill obliterates the enemies, but it didn't harm a hair on Naofumi. And in addition to that, it seems to have lifted the curse on Naofumi? What the heck is this skill?! 

What is it? I want to know!!

Our team chalks it up to it being just another strange spell in the already strange world they're in. As they all split their loot, there's an apparent "weird" item that dropped. What was it? Unfortunately, WE NEVER GET AN ANSWER. Why?! I want to know! Will this come up later? Will it be important later?! TELL ME!!

Mystery item aside... Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo have worked very hard, so why not time for a break? Let's go to the beach and relax! Filo looks adorable with her cute pigtails and swimsuit; an angel of the sea! And Raphtalia? Dear LORD, she's a knockout with her swimsuit! Buuut... Naofumi pays zero attention to that as Filo tells him that she's discovered an interesting new area to check out underwater.


where did he get those kigurumis


Haha, ohmygod, those outfits... Naofumi has a strange sense of style! Where did he get those penguin onesies?! As ridiculous as those outfits are, it lets them get by underwater to see where this mystery place is. And they sure found it, but it was sealed tight. How were they to get inside? Naofumi lightly touches the door and it reacts to his shield, opening and making a path for them. But wait, there's air inside? Just what is this place?



Surprise! There's a dragon hourglass here, hidden away in this island! It looks identical to the one at the cathedral back in the capital too. This... is terrible news, because any place with one of these hourglasses can be attacked by a Wave. What's worse, this hourglass reads that there's only TWO DAYS before the next Wave hits this area. WELP, I guess good thing everyone's been doing their leveling, right? We can only hope the other three idiots have been leving as well. How difficult will this Wave be? Will the Four Cardinal Heroes protect the islands and successfully defeat all the enemies? Will Glass show up again? And what was that mystery item they got while leveling?! We won't know until next week's episode as we get closer to this season's finale!


While we wait for our burning questions to be answered, let's get to the best part of this segment: your reactions! What did y'all think of this week's The Rising of the Shield Hero episode? Let's find out!












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