10 of the Most Intense Naruto Anime Battles Ever!

From Rock Lee vs Gaara to Naruto vs Sasuke

Editor's Note: This is a republication of a feature by Brandon Lee that originally appeared on Crunchyroll News on 7/18/2017.


10 of the Most Intense Naruto Anime Battles Ever!

By Brandon Lee



For those who aren’t familiar, the Naruto series is perhaps one of the most illustrious anime series around the world. With millions of loyal adherents globally, there is probably something that every fan can agree to. That is that this anime series features amazing battles from Naruto to Naruto Shippuden. Without further ado, here are 10 of the most intense Naruto battles. Enjoy!


10. Rock Lee vs Gaara


Gaara vs. Rock Lee


I’ll admit. At first, I thought Lee was going to get creamed by Gaara. After all, Gaara looked pretty scary up until the point of the Chunin Exams, and Lee seemed like an ordinary taijutsu user. Well, boy was I wrong. Lee vs Gaara was probably the best, tick for tack match in the entire Naruto series. I’ll say that the 8 Inner Gates made Lee a bit overpowered, but he still used his raw power to nearly defeat one of the strongest Genin of the Sand Village. Gaara, on the other hand, proved that he was the stronger of the two, breaking Lee’s legs with just the palm of his hand. Still, he was in dire straights and looked like he was on the brink of defeat himself.


9. Might Guy vs Madara


Alright, this was another match that I blatantly misjudged. Of course, Might Guy is the strongest taijutsu master in the Naruto series and has totally mastered the 8 Inner Gates, but Madara is the man only rivaled by the First Hokage. I expected this match to be quick. In any case, Guy didn’t waste any time and easily transformed into the final Inner Gates. Before I get into what he did, let me say that Madara could have killed Guy with one hit if he wanted, and that led to his downfall eventually. Guy used the Gate of Death to incapacitate Madara. Even Madara truly feared for his life at that point, and the battle was nothing short than spectacular.


8. Kakashi vs Kakuzu and Hidan


People don’t truly realize how strong Kakashi is. Well, for those who believe that Kakashi is overrated, go back and watch Naruto Shippuden episode 85. In that episode, you will see Kakashi battling two of the deadliest members of the Akatsuki pretty much by himself. At this point, Kakashi used his taijutsu to deal with Hidan and still was avoiding Kakuzu’s attacks. This intricate battle favored the Akatsuki duo, but Kakashi nearly killed them both at one point. At any rate, this battle was cool for as long as it lasted.


7. Sasuke vs Deidara

Saskue may have surpassed Naruto in the initial stages of Naruto Shippuden, but Deidara sure gave him a run for his money during this fight. This battle featured Deidara at his best. He finally came prepared and seemed dead set on killing Sasuke with his explosive clay. However, Sasuke, having access to Lightning based attacks proved to be too much for Deidara. That didn’t stop Deidara from nearly killing Sasuke more times than anyone can count. These two battled until Sasuke couldn’t move. That just proves how intense this battle was.


6. Sasuke vs Itachi


 The showdown between the two brothers. The clash of the Uchiha survivors. The battle of the Sharingan. Whatever you want to call it, this death match was all the hype said it would be. Something told me that Sasuke would have the upper hand after all of his extensive training with Orochimaru, but the irony of the whole battle was that Itachi was still leagues ahead of him. While Itachi did get whacked by Sasuke's Kirin and admitted that the attack would have killed him under normal circumstances, Itachi debuted the Susano along with the Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror. The match ended with Itachi sparing his little brother, and it gave Naruto fans the fight they had been waiting for.


5. Madara vs The Five Kage


Avert not your eyes on this particular battle. The creators have been so good to us and created a rubber match between the strongest Uchiha to ever live and five strongest ninja in the world. This match did not disappoint. The Five Kage started out beating Madara, but as it turned out, Madara was only holding back. When Madara started to show his true power, the Five Kage and myself were just in awe. Still, the Five Kage came together to create this ridiculous attack that could have killed anyone else not named Madara.


4. Jiraiya vs Pain



Honestly, I don’t think anyone thought much of Jiraiya until he fought Pain. He may have been one of the Legendary Sannin, but he seemed to be like Naruto in terms of potential. However, don’t let Jiraiya’s raunchy actions fool you. He was the strongest Legendary Sannin, hands down. This was proved after he went toe to toe with the leader of the Akatsuki. Still not convinced? Itachi did defeat Orochimaru easily and Tsunade wouldn’t last with Pain. Even so, Jiraiya fought Pain head on in a suicide intel mission. Even after Pain defeated him, he acknowledged Jiraiya as a true genius and concluded that things would have been different if Jiraiya knew his secret. He was right. Jiraiya had a counter for every one of Pain’s attacks, and this fight was the best up until that point of Naruto Shippuden.


3. Sasuke vs The Five Kage


After Sasuke survived his battle with Itachi, he surpassed him and became a force to be reckoned with. I’ll admit. This battle came out of nowhere and it seemed suicidal for Sasuke to fight five of the strongest ninja in the world. Well, he went toe to toe with the Raikage, fought evenly with Gaara, escaped the Mizukage, all before being defeated by Onoki. During this whole battle, Sasuke showed off his Sharingan prowess and brute power, forcing the Raikage and Gaara to rethink their tactics. If you ever want to see a Naruto battle without all of the fuzz, then this is the one to watch.


2. Naruto vs Pain


Okay, I am done with Sasuke for now. In this battle, Naruto showed up to the Leaf Village that desperately needed him. He had surpassed Jiraiya and was now avenging his death. This wasn’t the goofy Naruto anymore. At this point, Naruto even surpassed Sasuke, and it showed. Pain, of course, used his strategy and attacks to hinder Naruto for most of the battle, but Naruto used his Sage Mode to even the score. This amazing battle featured Naruto using nearly all of the Nine Tailed Fox’s power with Pain still keeping up, a touching moment from Hinata, and Naruto’s meeting with his parents. In the end, he defeated Pain with his usual luck and the Rasengan. Very usual, indeed.


1. Naruto vs Sasuke


Where do I begin? Naruto and Sasuke fought six times in the Naruto series altogether. Every fight was entertaining, to say the least. However, the fight I am mentioning is the last battle, Naruto and Sasuke's final battle. In this fight, Naruto and Sasuke were at their peak. The state of the world was hanging in the balance, and once again Sasuke tried to kill Naruto while Naruto wanted to do the exact opposite. Both of these knuckleheads showed off some insanely powerful jutsu and clobbered each other. However, Naruto ended out coming away with the win, saving Sasuke like he always wanted. This fight was the premier battle between the world’s strongest shinobi, and it lived up to the hype.


Well, that is my take on 10 of the most intense Naruto battles. If you got any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below. If you liked this feature, go ahead and hit the like and share button!




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