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It's non-stop excitement this week!






In last week's episode of Black Clover, we got a decent chunk of Licht's backstory, along with the surprise realization that apparently, Licht is...Patry. When Licht's wedding ceremony was shattered by a magical attack by humans, somehow Patry later discovered himself in a body that looks a lot like Licht's. But this body switch is less Freaky Friday and more "I will avenge my brethren, destroy all humans, and collect the magic stones to begin the resurrection." Though, a Freaky Friday clip where Jamie Lee Curtis violently sacrifices her underlings to complete a magic ritual would be rad. Hopefully it's a deleted scene somewhere. 


But let's jump into the latest episode!




We see Rill toying with some members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and demanding to know where "Licht" is. But then the Midnight Sun members get all, ummm, crumbly. It's pretty much the last thing you want when you're interrogating a suspect. 




Of course, everyone there reacts with the appropriate amount of confusion and horror, which is a lot of confusion and horror. Well, everyone except Luck, who is downright fascinated by these bad guys' souls leaving their husks of a human form. Outside the Midnight Sun's base, the only one who seems to be holding it together is SISTER LILY. Still worried about Asta and Yuno, but making sure that the kids feel safe? She should lead the Royal Knights as far as I'm concerned. 




We see everyone's reactions across the Clover Kingdom, from ordinary citizens to members of the Black Bulls. But then Gauche's body begins to radiate an aura, as do the bodies of various people across the kingdom! The light shines up in a way that looks reminiscient of the light swords that Patry threatened to bring down during his duel with Julius.



It happens to various members of the Royal Knights like Yuno, Luck, Puli and Rill, just to name a few.  Asta demands an explanation from them because Asta gonna Asta.




And the response he gets isn't exactly what you want to hear at a time like this:




The glow around characters grows fiercer and Patry is very pleased with this. Yami is trying to figure out what's been going on and is soon faced by Marx and Owen, who have also received a glow-up and have been attacking their own men.




Marx drops some hot exposition on Yami: They aren't the men he knew and are now elves. And now they're gonna try to destroy Yami just as men destroyed the elves years ago. Marx reveals his awesome little crossbow, and I take back most of the things I said over the last few weeks about the fact that Marx's hair cut looks like a Great Clips Disaster Area.




Yami blocks Marx's attacks and evades Owens' overwhelming healing magic...




...all while Marx and Owens deliver more "Humans are trash, y'all" hot takes. But Yami gets sick of this real fast and strikes back:




And a few moves later, Marx and Owens are done and have lost their shot at the Black Clover Tag Team Championships.




But Yami barely has time to relax, because a giant bunch of roses bursts through the top of the castle and he's immediately faced with Charlotte, Captain of the Blue Rose squad. Their battle quickly spills out against some bystanders, and Yami gives them the best orders that he can muster:




Charlotte and Yami fight, with Yami mostly evading her strikes. Yami realizes that due to her tactics, it'll be hard to just knock her out with the blunt edge of his sword. Sol (of the Blue Roses) shows up, and despite Yami telling her to leave, she's insistent on saving Charlotte (the woman who saved her.)




However, Yami is eventually able to convince her to retreat, because it's important that Sol survives. Charlotte and Yami clash...




And Charlotte jumps back, preparing to use a magic attack that will destroy a chunk of the town. Yami isn't fond of that scenario, so he uses his own attack to block it. 




We don't get to see what happens yet, though, as we're taken back to the Midnight Sun headquarters where Noelle recognizes that the light magic emanating from Luck and the rest is awfully similar to something she's seen from the Midnight Sun's Vetto. But we'll have to wait to hear more about that because it's time for the end of the episode, Black Clover's awesome ED music, and Petit Clover, which is a montage of Noelle antics.




So, what does this all mean? Well, I've had people tell me that Black Clover doesn't slow down at all after Julius' death and they weren't lying. I expected some quiet moments of people at least looking a little depressed and a kingdom reeling from the loss. Maybe even a slow instrumental version of the original opening theme playing softly in the background. Instead, all we got is a few minutes of Sad Yami (who, by nature, doesn't stay sad for long about anything anyway), before being thrown into an inferno of action, horror and backstory. 


Secondly, when we saw Yuno's elf-ification, I was kinda thinking that it would be limited to him. I didn't know that Black Clover would take a cue from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and split the possessed from the un-possessed straight down the middle. On one hand, there would be a lot of dramatic weight from it just being a few important people that are now playing for Team Patry. But on the other, the odds are now stacked waaaay higher against the good guys.


It would suck if you were at Buffalo Wild Wings or something and your best friend was suddenly like "I'm gonna eradicate mankind." But I feel like I could fight off Derek if I had to. However, if half of the patrons there went a little elvish, I'd have a real problem.


Lastly, considering that Asta has spent the last few episodes in a constant state of "WHAT IS GOING ON?", it's nice to get a feel for more of the side characters. Black Clover has a super rich cast of characters, and I never knew that I'd be saying something like "Oh no. Marx has been possessed. This emotionally affects me." Anyway, BC's cast is super underrated is all I'm saying.


But enough blabbering from me! Let's see what Y'ALL thought:



This is the second week in a row that I've shared a tweet from this account, but they just get my feelings on this show so well.









 I'd keep a talley of how many feels Black Clover gives me, but I'd run out of paper too quick. 




 This has been a mood for the past few weeks. 




What did you think of this episode of Black Clover? How would you react to most of your team turning into evil elves? Let us know in the comments!


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