#RedrawInosuke Sweeps up Social Media in Boar Boy Meme Frenzy

Get your breathing techniques ready to laugh as we explore the wonderful #RedrawInosuke phenomenon!

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Earlier this year, we re-explored the world of #RedrawReigen during Mob Psycho 100 II’s run, seeing various amazing artists use their talents to place Reigen in various repurposed memes. But Reigen is a type of character that fits very specific circumstances, with most of the memes dealing with his self-image, ego, flaws, and other situations that fit the Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century. But what if, instead of Reigen, the subject of these memes were… less socially aware? What if the subject, let’s say, wore a boar mask, didn’t understand why people are nice to him, and only seems interested in charging headfirst into problems? Well, wonder no longer, because #RedrawInosuke is here, and it is MAGICAL. 


Look at Inosuke go! wow!


This new round of #Redraw miracles was started by an interaction between Twitter users @nicahls and @Sakurlla, and has spiraled out of control from there. Unlike the somewhat more refined Reigen, Demon Slayer’s Inosuke is such a wildcard character that memes featuring him range from silly to downright abstract, with jokes about Inosuke being like a wild animal and his inability to read taking the fore. We think it's best to let the memes do the talking, so without further ado let’s get down to our hand-selected #RedrawInosuke memes that made us bust a gut laughing at them!

he's smitten

And that’s all… or is it? We’re sure that as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba gets ready to wrap up its first season, we’ll see even more of these amazing redraws, so please be sure to keep them coming! We can’t wait to see  how creative people get with their favorite anime, and the redraw phenomenon of mixing popular memes with anime characters is one we’ll never get tired of. So fire up your image editing software, get your favorite meme ready, and #Redraw your heart out! 

Which #RedrawInosuke pic is your favorite? Are you going to draw one of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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