Bombshell Reveals Are Dropped as Team B's Test Comes to an End in Tower of God Episode 9

Buckle up, turtles! It's about to GO DOWN!

Endorsi in Tower of God

Last week we saw all kinds of backstabbing and betrayal as Team B began their next test. How does the team fare against Quant? Let's find out in this week's recap of Kami no Tou. As always, spoilers for Tower of God Episode 9 "The One-Horned Ogre" ahead.

Endorsi tells a story about a girl who was forced to eat stale bread while her sisters dined on elaborate feasts. The girls were made to compete with each other to become stronger so one day one of them would become a Princess of Jahad. The girl tired of eating castoffs and murdered her sisters to have the food to herself. And according to Endorsi, history repeats itself. She knows not all of the Fishermen can pass the test, so she intends to take some of them out herself, ensuring her own success. Oh, and while Endorsi is dropping all these bombs she drops one more — she informs Bam that Michelle is really Rachel. Just as Endorsi thinks she has the game in the bag, she gets a surprise of her own — one of the Fishermen has been secretly wielding an ignition weapon.

Bam and Rachel in Tower of God

We finally learn what Hoh's letter was all about — if Hoh gets rid of Rachel, Bam will no longer want to climb the Tower. Two threats down. Easy, right? Well, no, actually. After doing away with the rogue Spear Bearers, Quant sets his sights on Hoh. And because he's such a good boy and won't be dragged into Endorsi's deadly games, Bam left her to deal with the Fishermen on her own, choosing to search for Rachel, instead. Quant teaches Bam a new technique, pouring Shinsu into the body of his opponent to slow him down. But Hoh stabs Rachel just before he is frozen by the Shinsu. His plan a failure, Hoh stabs himself.

Bam turns his newfound power on Quant as Endorsi — who has shown up with the latest initiation weapon — attempts to take the Ranker's badge. The remaining members of Team B give it a go, but Quant eventually rips Endorsi's vest clean off. But the princess had a few tricks up her sleeve, her badge is not located on the vest. She plays up her desperation in order to get close to Quant, stealing his badge instead. The test is over. Team B won and Rachel and Hoh are rushed off on stretchers. Oh, and for all her betrayals, Serena gives Endorsi a good slap. Surely this will never come up again ... Let's see what the fans think!

You’re not wrong.

Oh, and even though she didn’t have much to do this episode, Anaak’s new hairdo definitely caught one fan’s attention:

Do you think Bam will stay true to his word not to harm anyone while climbing the Tower? Will Endorsi and Khun clash in a battle of the masterminds? Who wore the ponytail better, Anaak or Khun? Tell us your non-spoilery thoughts in the comments!



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