UDON Brings Shining World Art Book to North America

Features the work of Japanese pinup artist Tony Taka

UDON Entertainment has released a slew of solid art books over the years, from official game books like Okami Official Complete Works to collaborative works like the Mega Man and Street Fighter Tribute books. Their latest is Tony's Artworks from Shining World, available in stores now.


Featuring the art of renowned Japanese pinup artist Tony Taka, Tony's Artworks from Shining World collects designs and illustrations from Sega's series of Shining World games. If the Shining in the title didn't tip you off already, the Shining World games serve as a continuation of Sega's long-running Shining Force series of strategy role-playing games, which dates back to Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis console in 1992. 


The games covered in the 200-page book are Shining Tears and Shining World. While only the former has seen an English release, they also served as inspiration for the 13-episode anime, Shining Tears X Wind


More info and images from Udon

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