VIDEO: "Super Street Fighter II" Now Re-armed with "Portal" Guns

Goofy physics-based mayhem to go with your Hadoukens and Spinning Bird Kicks

For some, Super Street Fighter II (or specifically, the upgraded Super Street Fighter II Turbo) is the pinnacle of fighting game purity, still being competitively played since its release in 1994.


But y'know... something's missing from the game. Maybe if you added something recent to give it a little more character, a little more style. Something like... an Aperture Science Portal Gun?

Okay, Guile was always pretty strong, but he's starting to look a little overpowered. The Pixel Kingdom asks a very good question: what other games would benefit (or at least become a hell of a lot crazier) with the introduction of Portal's Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device?



via The Pixel Kingdom, headline image via Red Bubble (buy the shirt!)

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