VIDEO: Full Preview of Vash the Stampede and Sasha Braus Raving to "Fist of the North Star" Opening

"ADM - Anime Dance Music" album to be released September 25th

After some short samples earlier in the week, Victor Music is back with their full promo for tkrism produced ADM - Anime Dance Music. Following live events scheduled for next Monday at Shinjuku BLAZE and later this month at Sapporo's Manga Anime Festival, a CD featuring "New Young" Masaya Onosaka (Vash the Stampede, Kinniku Mantarou) "Crazy" Yu Kobayashi (Attack on Titan's Sasha) and "Dancing" Yukari Goto (formerly of AAA) will be released September 25th.




Tracks include

1. Ai o Torimodose!! ( You a Shock!)
2. Butter-Fly
3. Taiyō Iwaku Moeyo Kaosu(The Sun Says "Burn, Chaos")
4. Motteke! Sērāfuku (Take It! Sailor Uniform.)
5. Genesis of Aquarion
6.Tamashii no Refrai (Soul's Refrain)
7. God Knows
8. only my railgun
9.Sorairo Days (Blue Sky Days)



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