SEGA Lucky Kuji Offers "Hyouka" Prizes in Late November

Maid figures, deformed figures, cushion, towels, coffee cups, and more!

SEGA will start a new session of its popular lottery series SEGA Lucky Kuji in late November, featuring Kyoto Animation's 2012 hit TV anime series Hyouka. The lottery will be available in book stores and rental CD/DVD stores across Japan. For a 600 yen (about US$6) ticket, you can get 17cm-tall Eru and Mayaka's maid costume (which they wore in the 12th episode) figures and various Hyouka character goods. Check the prizes below. Which prize do you want to get the most?


Prize A: Eru Chitanda Maid Figure HIGHGRADE

Prize B: Mayaka Ibara Maid Figure HIGHGRADE

Prize C: Vinetiam Cute (4 types)

Prize D: Eru's Eggplant cushion

Prize E: Muffler towels

Prize F: Coffe cups & coasters

Prize G: Eru Chitanda rubber earphone jacks 

Prize H: Tin badges

Source: Hobby Maniax


© Honobu Yonezawa, Kadokawa Shoten/Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club OB

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